Why marketing tactics are changing, and how you can get ahead!  Warning: Read to the end because if you aren’t doing this in your business you are going to get run over.  I’ve been hard at work finishing up some content for part of our secret new services launch in early July! (If you’re reading here, I’ll give you an insiders tip of taking advantage of the early bird subscribers opportunities). We’re really excited because it’s already helping our clients immensely.

So what is it?

It’s no secret that we’ve switched into much more content marketing strategy and the use of pull media (YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, blogging, SEO, etc). These new media forms are quite popular, yet most people don’t know how to use them as a high ROI lead source. I’ve heard a number of times from clients saying “If only I could figure out YouTube.”

The frustrating part to me is when you look at most solutions they teach you the structural part, yet they don’t sell you the part that will help you get more clients, (IE: the content strategies and follow-up sequences). So it leaves a lot of people buying the next shiny object that comes out. (I’ve been guilty of this many times before).

Here’s a tip: Don’t go down that route. Develop a Law of Contribution Marketing Strategy. That is really what marketing in the new world is all about.

Law of Contribution defined: What you give out will come back to you in much greater abundance.

Yes that’s a low, yes it holds true. The challenging part is when it comes back it isn’t always from the same source, so it becomes a challenge tracking.

How do we move that into our marketing pieces?

  • First understand the change

Research from Google and CEB titled The Digital Evolution in B2B Marketing discusses how almost 60% of the sales cycle has moved online before anyone has contact with a sales person. So almost 60% of the traditional sales cycle has disappeared!

  • Second, understand the issues

Consumers are bombarded with “get rich quick” schemes and marketing messages everyday. Further, the ideas contained in the message, “7 things you need to know to select a vendor” which are used in marketing to convince your customers to buy from you is loosing it’s effectiveness.

  • Third, help solve the problem

With the shift towards more online in businesses, (I even see a lot of online lead generation through Facebook for real estate agents, brokers, etc. now), we have to figure out how to take the law of contribution (which incidentally is good salesmanship) and apply it to our marketing efforts to be effective. We need to change the equation from “convincing” marketing to reciprocity marketing.

In the next few weeks, we are going to release a number of free resources to help you learn how to implement this shift in your marketing (we practice what we preach). They will help you immensely get starting on creating and converting more prospects into sales.

To your success!