19587108_sNoBarriersOne of the most deadly things to happen to your business is for you to get into the habit of procrastinating. Procrastination not only physically hurts you but also can really affect how well your business performs. It makes you rush through everything that you do and the quality of your work decreases. It also causes a lot of stress and unhappiness. That stress can then go on to make your immune system weak and you can get sick. If you want to really help yourself succeed, stop putting things off until the last second. Here are some tips to help you stop procrastinating.

1. Buy and use a planner or use some type of electronic organization program (like a CRM program).

If you don’t already have one, go out and buy one that appeals to you. After you have one, use it! That’s the most important thing. Just having a planner or organization system won’t help you. You are going to have to actually take advantage of it and use it every day. Make sure to write down when things are due in it. If you have a presentation or anything else that has a specific due date, put it in your planner. You will also want to use your system as a way to plan out what you want to get done in a day. Make a list of all the things that you want to get accomplished and put them in an order of most important to least important. Look at your list throughout the day to keep you on track when trying to decide what you need to accomplish.

2. A second tip is to break down a daunting task into smaller pieces.

Many people put off doing important tasks because they are overwhelmed. If you get overwhelmed a lot when thinking about a large task, try to break it up into smaller portions. If you can make the individual parts feel manageable, then you have a lot better chance of getting it done.

3. Give yourself motivation to finish your task.

Plan to maybe watch something you like, or buy yourself ice cream only after you have finished what you need to do. It can give you the motivation to actually achieve what you need to.

4. Ask others for help.

If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask others for help. Maybe the task is too difficult and someone you know would be willing to help. Or maybe it would help you to have someone there to hold you accountable. If you have a friend or family member that is willing to remind you to finish something, or ask about your progress, that could also help you stay on track.

Being able to stop procrastinating is important if you want to get important things accomplished and not feel stressed. The work that you finish will be of better quality as well. Work on finding ways to get things done ahead of time and you will reap the benefits of it.

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