21130988_sBy Deb Hollis!

When I think of the Leader in my life that inspires me the most it is someone who not only lives what they “preach”, but also someone who knows who they are! They are strong and humble at the same time and they confidently lead others down the same path they are going because they know it is the right path… it is a Godly path!

It is someone who lives according to God’s will, not their own. The Bible is their foundation for everything.

It is someone who challenges, inspires and makes me want to be a better person. Someone who inspires me to want to excel far beyond my comfort zone and become the person I am called to be.

It is someone who leads with humility, truth and strength!

I’m very thankful for that leader in my life! My life has changed dramatically because of this particular person!

What about you?

Who inspires you?

I hope you have that person in your life. If not, find someone. It’s crucial to your continued growth!  The benefits and growth opportunities that come from having someone who truly inspires you in your life, ministry or business are beyond words. It’s called leadership influence.

Leadership Influence can change your life.

For the good and the bad… depending on the leader. I’ve experienced both. For the leaders I’ve had that were “not so good”, I was challenged to be a different kind of leader.

For the ones that were excellent, I’ve been challenged to be an even better leader. In reality, what I see in them is who I want to be. That’s a great person to follow. It’s not about focusing on where they fall short, because we all fall short. It’s about emulating the parts of their leadership that makes us want to excel in our own.

BE the kind of Leader who inspires others!

It’s not hard. Just look at who inspires you… and be like them. Find out what kind of leader Jesus was and emulate Him. He’s the best example we have.

John Quincy Adams said,

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more,
do more and become more, you are a leader

Remember, people are always watching. There are always people looking for leadership. As you are inspired, be the one that inspires others so they too can grow!

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~ Deb Hollis