13794432_sEntrepreneurBy Deb Hollis.

With every business, we need interested buyers. But to have interested buyers, you must know how to lead them to your website. In other words, you must be able to successfully drive traffic to your website.

Not just any traffic, TARGETED traffic. It’s easy to get a ton of people looking at your website. There are many tools and paid traffic opportunities to drive traffic. But you don’t want just any traffic. You want the kind of traffic that wants to buy from you.

How do you drive targeted traffic?

First… Set up your website the right way.

  • Meaning… make sure each page or post is capable of generating revenue or bringing in potential leads.

This could look like an option to buy or an ad that leads them to your product.

You don’t want to flood your website with ads because it will take people away from your website.  Unless of course they are only your ads. But even still, less is more.

Be deliberate without being too “in your face” with the sales pitch. They are already on your site, so they have shown some interest. Give them space to explore and at the same time opportunities to buy.

If you are blogging and doing regular posts, you never know which post will be the one that brings a ton of people to your site, so make certain that all of them have income producing potential.

  • Make sure each page or post can turn visitors into subscribers or fans.

You’ll want a subscriber box on every page / post of your website offering them a free product or gift in exchange for their email address. This enables you to still market to them via an email campaign once they leave your site. Make sure the gift provides value.

Recognizing that Facebook, Twitter and all of the other social media sites are hugely popular, you also want to make certain that they can “follow you” through their favorite social media option.

  • Every page or post needs to be easily shareable!

People love to share what they are interested in or find value in. Your part is to make that process as EASY as possible.  There are plenty of plugins out there where you can add a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. SHARE button.  One plug-in I use is called “Really Simple Facebook Twitter Share.” It makes sharing much easier.

This is key for traffic driving. BUT… it’s only the first step!

Next week we will have Part 2 on how to drive some SERIOUS traffic to your website!  Make sure you check back with us.

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Let us know how we can help.

~ Deb