13360804_sResultsWe all want more traffic going to our website. Without traffic, we can’t grow a business. So one of the biggest questions is, how do we drive the RIGHT kind of traffic to our business?

Most of us have limited resources. Some more than others.  That could consist of time, energy or money. But one thing we have in abundance: people who know how to do it and our own creativity. In learning to drive traffic, we need to pull on those we know personally or the “experts” and we need to gather our own creative ideas.

One obvious choice is to ask God for help.

He is THE MOST creative person you and I will ever know and He knows ALL the right people. He knows exactly how to grow your business. We simply need to learn how to ask and hear His voice. He’ll show us what to do.

The challenge we all face is that there is too much noise in the world. Too much noise on the internet. Too many things that distract us from our goal. Even good things, but still distractions. Even when it comes to driving traffic, we can get overwhelmed with all our choices.

The best thing to do is to pick one or two choices and become an expert at those things before we take on a new thing.

As with anything, the first goal to marketing effectively is

We want to grab and hold our potential clients attention.

Since we are in completion with everyone else out there, that’s where the creativity and God’s help come in to play.

Be selective… you only have so much time. So figure out what you’re good and out shine every one else in that area!

Traffic Options:

1 – Driving Traffic through Google

That would seem to be the most obvious choice. But is it? The competition in Google is tremendous. But if that’s where you feel strongly you need to start, begin researching it. Find out how others use Google and get results.

  • Place an ad. Always test everything to see what works. While in one sense placing ads is easy, it requires a lot of testing to see what works and what doesn’t. Google has made it easy to place ads now and fairly affordable… but the results are dependent on the level of testing you do. And that takes time. But there are tons of tutorials out there (search YouTube) on how to do this effectively. The reality is, a lot of people look at the ads on Google. Another option is Yahoo/Bing. It’s less expensive and will still give you a ton of traffic. Believe it or not there are some serious Google haters out there that will not use it as their search engine. 😉
  • Content Marketing. Create blogs, posts, videos that have rich keywords in them that when people search for something that you are selling or talking about they will find you. This takes a bit more research to learn how to do it, but think about all the times you “Google something” and find what you’re looking for. This method simply means learning how to be one of those answers for others. It’s brilliant… yet it does take learning how to do it.  But it CAN be learned!

2- Email Marketing

There is a right way and a wrong way to do email marketing. It is in your best interests to learn how to do this effectively because it could explode your business!

Email is great because you own all your email data. It has a long life-span if you cultivate your list in a positive way.  You can actually see who is opening emails and clicking on links to find out what people are interested in.  You can tell exactly WHO your best leads are. That comes in handy when connecting with a potential client.

When you think of your list, consider that you are nurturing your relationships with those on the list.

Here are a few thoughts:

  • Give away a free gift of value. It’s one of the best ways to build a list… by giving something of value away for free that only requires an email in exchange for it. You’ll need to set up a landing page or have an email opt-in on your website.  It’s important to have an email autorespondor such as Aweber or Get Response to help you in this.  Trust me when I say it only makes the process of building a list easier.  Make sure your gift and your opt-in’s are high-quality work so you’ll engage your audience right the first time.
  • Communicate regularly with your list. Yes, you’ll sell to them, but don’t let that be your only communication. Give them value regularly in what you write. Give them a reason to want to read your emails. Send simple emails, highlighting one main call to action for each one. This is important. You always want to have something in your email that they can respond to. YOU tell them how you want them to respond. Don’t leave it to guess work and don’t assume they already know what to do or what you want them to do. Make it clear.
  • Share yourself with your list. I’m not saying give your life details… simply give them a glimpse into your life so they know you are real, trustworthy and someone they want to do business with.
  • Be strategic. Mix some information, education and selling in your emails. Be creative. Give them a reason to click OPEN on your email.
  • Set up your autorespondor based on triggers. In other words, if they do action A, they will automatically get email B as a result. Email B will be the “next step” of where you want to take them as a client. This is important and will ultimately save you a lot of time. While it takes time to set up initially, and your software/website has to be equipped for this.  Infusionsoft is one good choice on software, but there are others depending on your budget. By doing this, it will make your life and business easier in the long run.

Focus on getting the foundational things in place and you’ll find all the others things come much easier.

Next week we’ll talk about Social Media Traffic and how to best use it to grow your business.

Do you need some help with all this? We’re here for you. Just give us a call and we’ll coach through each step of this process!

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~ Deb Hollis