9475438_sYou may or may not be aware, but Facebook is THE largest social media platform in the world!!! There is literally no other place on this planet where more people come together to live, gather, hang out, talk and share their lives! So much so, it has become a part of the common fabric of many people’s lives!

For people in business, this is a huge blessing! It’s important that we pay attention to what people are paying attention to. It used to be the newspaper, radio and television. While there are still many that use those mediums, Facebook actually trumps them all. So we need to pay attention as well.

You have to ask yourself some questions to understand the culture of Facebook:
  • Why are people there?
  • What is it that makes them want to hang out?
  • What keeps them there once they arrive?
  • What are they doing while they are there?

By answering, each one of these questions will help you to understand what is driving people to come to Facebook in the first place.

But here are a few more questions that are important to consider:
  • What are their interests?
  • What are their hobbies?
  • What kinds of things to they LIKE?
  • What kinds of things do they SHARE?
  • What repels them?
  • What attracts them?

Now you may not know all of the exact answers, but it is a good thing to take the time to consider each one of these things!

Now… what about the audience you desire to market to.  Consider this:
  • What about your product will appeal to them?
  • What will repel them?
  • How can they use your product the best?
  • Can this product help them?
  • How will your product change their life or business?
  • Why do they need your product?
  • What kinds of things will make them interested in hearing more about your product?

Before you can drive traffic to your business, you have to understand the mind of the consumer and what it is they want. Without that knowledge, you’ll be striking out blindly with the hopes that sooner or later something will “stick!” But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Be strategic, Not manipulative.

What I mean is, if you are out to manipulate your consumer, subconsciously and sometimes even consciously they will pick that up. That’s not healthy for you, your business or your future customer. You want them to “want” to come back to you.

Be strategic. Give them something of value that will help them grow in either their personal life or in their business! We all desire to “better ourselves.” Giving the consumer something that will help them will grow a healthier relationship and company in the long run.

With your product, market it in a way that will add value to their life.  But don’t just be all about sales. Give VALUE in other ways as well.

  • Words of encouragement through updates

If you are all about selling in Facebook, as some of my friends are, people tend to tune you out after a while. When you regularly give value by sharing words of encouragement, quotes or even funny thoughts, people will engage with you through comments, likes and shares.

  • Share Graphics and pictures that encourage

Again, it’s about what your followers and fans need or want, not just about selling a product. Give them a picture of something that will make them smile, feel good or outright laugh. When you give that, people respond by sharing, commenting and liking.

  • Give them a part of you

Facebook is all about relationship building. Allow your follower/fan a chance to get to know YOU! Not just your product, but YOU!  Share personal things from time to time. Not too personal, but enough that they feel like they are getting to know YOUR heart and life.

That may not come natural to some, but step out of your comfort zone and do it anyway. You’ll find that when you do this, people will respond MORE because you are no longer just a “salesmen or woman”… now you’re a “real live person” that they can connect with.

  • Sell your product

Obviously, this is why you are there in the first place. So don’t be shy about selling your product. Just make sure that’s not the ONLY thing you are giving your fans and followers.

  • Have an opt-in Form right in your Facebook page

You can have people opt-in for a free gift on your Facebook page. You can either put it as one of your tabs or periodically post it on your wall. Or both. But it’s important that you make it VERY EASY for people to follow you on your website.

  • List your most popular products in your tabs

Again, we’re about making this EASY for people to buy from you and engage. If you always have a relationship with them, they will begin to check out what you have to offer. Make it easy for them to do that. Yes, you want them on your website if you have one, but if you make it very easy for them on Facebook it’s an easy jump for them to head over to your actual site.

  • Have pictures of your products

People check out Facebook pictures all the time. It’s a great place to show pics of your most popular products with a short write-up of that product. And of course, make sure you have a link to your website to where that exact product is located.


Here’s a good breakdown of how to respond to people on Facebook:

  • Approximately 3 Times per day give them a picture/graphic with a great quote on it
  • 3 times a day give them an update with a word of encouragement or something to make them smile
  • Approximately 2 to 3 times per day sell your product
  • Once or twice a day, give them something to respond to. A random question or a poll giving them specific choices. This could be something random, simply fun or strategic.
  • A couple of times per day give them things of value: IE: something to grow them personally, or in their business. Could even be things from other websites. (We don’t always have to make it all about us.)
  • Engage with people. When they comment, talk back to them. Make it a point to interact with them so they want to come back and interact with you.

Notice that the majority of what you are doing is about RELATIONSHIP building NOT about your product! In a perfect world people will buy your product just because it’s something they want. BUT, much of the time, and especially with people on Facebook they want to build a relationship with you FIRST. Remember, that’s what brought them to Facebook in the first place.

When we make it about THEM and not about US or our product, we come across as people who genuinely care! Shouldn’t that be the foundation of who we are anyway?

We have to go to where people are BEFORE we can bring them to where we are!

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