13062302_sMost people believe that Twitter is dying off. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Twitter is actually GROWING in popularity as new ways to use it are being discovered.

There are some companies that use Twitter as their only or main social marketing platform. OVER Facebook. Surprising? It was for me. Once I discovered the benefits of Twitter, now I’m sold on it.

Tweets are now used to share stories, photos, promote content, news and much more!

Let’s look at 15 different ways you can use Twitter for Social Media Marketing!

1. Make your Twitter profile very inviting.

First impressions are everything. When they search you out on your website or any social media platform, their impression will set the tone on how they view you or your company. If it is dull and boring, the mental connection will be that YOU or your business is dull and boring. Spend a little time and/or money to make sure you have a profile that stands out and pops!

2. Share links to items of interest and other articles.

Who is your target audience? Once you determine that (and it’s important that you define who they are), share links from your own website or from other places that will be something they will find interesting. Remember, you want them following you. Give them a reason to.

3. Build your network of followers.

Look for people of similar interests and follow them first. Many times they will reciprocate and you’ll have connected to people like the ones you want following you.

4. Build relationships with your followers.

This is important if you want dedicated and committed followers. Twitter is all about connecting. That means relationally as well. That DOESN’T mean spending all your time with them. It simply means on occasion retweet, favorite or reply to your followers on what they tweet about.

5. Post fun things.

Why? Because you need to break things up at times. Laughter is good like a medicine. Regardless of the focus of your business, sometimes you just have to insert a little fun. A funny quote, picture, thought. You know what I mean. Think about what you enjoy and modify it to fit your audience.

6. Share content from your website.

I hope you have one. If not, I strongly encourage you to get one. It’s important that you have a place to direct them to.  If you are redistributing content from your website, don’t do this TOO often. Those who regularly follow you might have already read it. You don’t want them to tune you out.

7. Do Live Tweeting Events

These are fun. The first one I participated in surprised me. I had never even heard of them until I ended up in one. People love them. You can connect with people during them and at the same time make valuable and active contributions to discussions. (Which creates more followers for you as people read your contributions.)  Participate in a few of these before you create your own so you get a feel for what they can look like.

8. Build your brand.

Are you totally serious and professional? Or are you personable and approachable? How you present yourself and what you tweet will become your brand. Decide in advance what kind of brand you want and build everything from that place.

9. Monitor your brand.

Meaning… stay watchful and diligent to what is being said about you, your company or your product. You’ll want to be able to counter it immediately so it doesn’t grow into something negative. One easy way to do this is by putting #mybrand and searching for it.

10. Send direct messages.

While this can be more time consuming, it’s also a way to connect one-on-one with potential clients.

11. Promote your Twitter profile everywhere.

Yes, even in other social networks. If you are posting a picture on Facebook, at the bottom of the picture (or somewhere on it), put your website and your Twitter name. @xyzcompany. It will encourage people to check you out.

Do you send email? Put it in your signature. People will check it out over time if nothing else just to find out what you’re doing.

12. Start a Twitter conversation.

Find a few influencers in your business or niche and start interacting with them. Add as much value to the conversation as possible. If that means doing some research before you start, do it. It’s worth the time and effort you put in to it. The more interesting you are, the more likely that influencer will share your message or talk about you.

13. Find others to network with.

There are communities built around niches that want to help each other. Find the one for you that sahres your interests and connect with them. You’ll share their stuff and they’ll share yours. This does not take away from your business, it actually adds to it and gives you a larger community base to build from. Some great communities that can help are: Triberr, Social Buzz Club, DoSplash, BizSugar, Inbound.org and Klinkk to name a few.

14. Twitter ads.

This is always an option. However, it’s a pricey one. I actually don’t recommend it. There are so many other and BETTER ways to grow your Twitter following, network and business that will help you far more. They have come a long way in helping you to target the right audience, so it is something worth pursuing if you truly want this option.

15. Use Twitter Lead Generation Cards.

Lead Generation Cards work directly with your promoted tweets to collect users’ contact information in exchange for your offer. Basically these are fill-in forms within your tweets. They can be very helpful when used correctly.

There’s even MORE…

This is just a few ways to help you grow your Twitter following. There are hundreds of ideas and ways to use Twitter. If you don’t know where to start, choose one of these and study it out. Because really good at it before moving on to the next one.

We’ll share even more ideas over time that we believe will help you.  If we can assist you with any of this, please let us know. We’re here to help.

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