Coaching is a dynamic partnership where coach and client work together to accomplish the client’s agenda. A typical agenda may include creating more income, creating a vision, and attaining performance goals. It also includes overcoming obstacles, both internal and external, to achieve these things.

Why do people enroll in coaching?
A person reaches a point where they are not willing to tolerate where he/she is in their business, career or life. A client may already be successful and wants to keep his/her edge or a client has the desire to break out of mediocrity and not just “get by”.

Why do people NOT enroll in coaching?

They don’t understand how it works, how it will benefit them, don’t think they need a coach or don’t have the money.
What are the client benefits of coaching?

On the surface level (and on our homepage), the following three things are what most people are seeking:
-Improved Financial Picture-Increase revenues/sales, and net income/profits
-Improved Work/Life Balance
-Improved Relationships with associates, clients, family, community

How is this accomplished? Coaches assist their clients with internal and external issues that are in the way of achieving these things.

Internal: Fear of success/failure, procrastination, poor attitude, limiting beliefs, frustration, feeling stuck and overwhelmed

External: time blocking, prioritizing, organizing, a sound marketing plan, lead generation, prospecting, tracking and measuring

Extended benefits. When clients have breakthroughs, they can become masters at:

  • Time management
  • Stress management
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Relationships
  • Delegation
  • Planning
  • Managing emotions
  • Managing their stress, health and wellbeing

Want more benefits? How about these…

  • Laser-like focus throughout their day
  • Supreme Self-confidence
  • Become fully engaged in everything they do
  • Be more accountable/hold others more accountable
  • The well-being of their families
  • Improved retention of staff and clients – $$$$!!!
  • A dynamic, purposeful life
  • Genuine HAPPINESS-what it all boils down to-We just want to be happy!

How long does it take to see results?
It depends on the client’s level of motivation and willingness to change their attitudes and behaviors. Those that are highly motivated and embrace the coaching, get much better and quicker results. Measurable results can be achieved after one session, three months, or a year. Success also lies with the effectiveness of the coach, including establishing rapport and holding the client accountable.

What kind of return on investment can someone expect from coaching?
In the end, you get what you expect. 80% of our clients have significant increases in their incomes ranging from 25% to 500% and higher. Other intangible returns come in the form of peace of mind, reduced stress, better relationships and a more balanced life.
Coaching is a performance catalyst: Research shows: Training improves productivity 22%. Training plus coaching improves productivity 88%! Ask your prospects what results they could achieve if they improved their productivity by 400%.

What does the Expect Success Coaching interaction between coach and client look like?

  • The coach and client meet every other week on a 40-minute phone call.
  • Prior to the first call, the coach will receive a copy of the client’s Success Accelerator Profile, which is a snapshot of where the client is in his/her professional and personal lives.
  • On this profile, the client prioritizes what is most important to them which tells the coach where to begin.
  • From here, the coach asks the client to create a Vision, a Passionate Purpose Statement, Business Plan/Goals and establish a set of Core Values.
  • These are the main tools that the coach uses during the beginning of the coaching engagement to keep the client focused. The majority of the ongoing coaching sessions are spent tracking and measuring progress and overcoming any obstacles that get in the way. Good habits are then established and repeated, creating forward momentum toward achieving goals and vision.