2577156_sHumilityBy: Bryan Rider

Warning: Humility is needed for what is going to sound painstakingly obvious. If you want to make lots of money, look at the obvious!

Humility hasn’t always been my strong point, and lack of it probably cost me $100,000 the first year running my company. I’m not only here writing interesting business ideas, I’m also a client!

I was working with a really good friend of mine who owns a janitorial business and we were discussing some of the issues that he was having in his business. After about 5 minutes of the conversation I noticed he, like I had earlier in life, was suffering with what I like to call MBA disease (someone who gets an MBA and then thinks this means they know everything about running a company).

He said two lines that stood out: “I know how to run a company, I’m just not sure why the bottom line isn’t there. I understand how to create new business, I’m just not sure why the company isn’t growing.”

I immediately asked him the question: “Based on results, do you think you know how to create new business?”

We had found what we needed to work on.

I could throw in 100 different excuses similar to this that I’ve heard from business owners over the years and it always makes my ears perk up because I know we are one step closer to a solution if they choose to look at where they are.

So why is it so hard to come to an accounting of where we are at? Our point “A” so to say? Because it makes us turn the mirror on ourselves and expose our current weaknesses, which most human beings do not want to do. Not doing it costs businesses huge amounts of money every day. I truly believe that being able to find your point A is one of the most valuable skill sets an entrepreneur can have because it allows the company to grow and adapt to issues.

Want to know a simple way to find where you are at in your business?

Answer this question: “Based on results in my business so far, what do I need to work on?”

That’s a BIG step in building a powerful business. When you ask yourself that question, 3 major things happen:

  1. You find the root cause of the problem – Honesty allows us to see what is truly going on instead of masking the problem.
  2. You take control of the issue – The power of taking responsibility is huge! Once you acknowledge there is an issue, you then have the ability to fix the issue. Without acknowledgement, there is no empowerment.
  3. You will know exactly what you need to work on – There are amazing resources to help people through almost every issue. You’ve been honest with your limitation, now you can master it so you can get your company back to fast growth.

I’ll go out on a limb and say anyone willing to master this process and have the discipline to work on the issues can make $250,000+ within a few years. It’s simple, yet very hard for us to do because we are not taught to do this. Work on it, and see what it does for you.

Learning to master this in the last few years has been worth over $500,000 dollars to me. Without it, I would have never been able to travel to 50 countries in 4 years and work on some of the most exciting projects in the world. It’s valuable, and we all have the power to grow and change if we have the courage to admit where we are at.

I’d love to hear from you! What other content would you like to see covered in the blog? If you have any questions about the above blog post please email me at bryan@expectsuccesscoaching.com.

“I believe the first test of a truly great man is in his humility” ~ John Ruskin