Multi-touch marketing done right… (It’s easy to get wrong)

So this is one of our first blog posts due to requests from readers. Keep them coming!

Do a quick search on the internet and see how many touches are needed for a customer to trust you or buy from you. You will get answers that range from 5 to 20+, depending on the complexity of the sales cycle and quality of the touches. Furthermore, a great article by Scott Gillum of Gyro (CLICK HERE) talks about the disappearing portion of the sales process due to customer engagement on the internet. All good information, but how do we digest this information to get more sales?

The answer lies in being very effective at combining your multi-touch marketing campaigns with a great content strategy. Building out the whole strategy is going to take a whole lot more words than my allotted space, so the next two posts focus on the multi-touch marketing campaign portion.

When we are talking multi-touch campaign, the key is continue to move people down the education process. Notice I say education process and not buying process. The goal is to help the potential client make an educated decision about your product or service. Forcing too much sales content and not providing enough value will kill your chances at developing the rapport you need.

Also what you need to make it effective is well planned steps in the cycle. Many times you will see a company get the bare bones structure right and won’t get the results because the content is not quality and/or it doesn’t match the sale cycle of the industry. Not a recipe for success.

Rather than write all of the variables, tomorrow we will break down an actual multi-touch campaign we provided for a commercial cleaning company that has provided extremely effective results.

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By: Bryan Rider!