The campaign design:

We’ll jump right in from where we left off yesterday.

For the janitorial company, we had selected the market (schools), the message (save time and money) and we were planning our multi-touch marketing process.

We decided to put 5 touches in a time span of less than two weeks, and then move them out into an email every 2 months before we brought them back into a campaign 6 months later. The 5 touch timeframe allowed us to effectively communicate our message, build value and develop our relationship. The 5 steps were:

  • Cold call (like it or not, the cleaning industry primarily works off of this)
  • Email (great quality material educating them on options with call to action)
  • Stop by facility and drop off a brochure and educational materials
  • Email (High quality 3rd party information and testimonials)
  • Call

Why this worked:

The process was built to help the client, educate them and share information. The company also had a great content strategy where they could search for additional information as they saw fit. It was not information shoving or huge fear factor emails.

Put yourself on the side of the client. They were educated along the process, there was never the pushy tactics that are used and they learned great information.

Who do you think they are going to call next when they have an issue?

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By: Bryan Rider!