What three-legged stool does your business stand on?  Or is your stool wobbly and getting ready to fall over?  After getting feedback from last weeks blog about the sales and prospecting, I thought it would be great to dive in deeper in the sales process and lead generation. If you’re reading this, you may think lead generation is like some untouchable Ferrari that sits on the shelf. We’re all about teaching you how to drive the Ferrari. (Yes I’m serious… literally and figuratively).

When I describe the marketing process to entrepreneurs, I love to equate it to a three or four-legged stool. Why?

A stool to be sturdy needs legs that are all the same length and to be positioned right. If one of the legs is longer, you have to work really hard to balance and it’s much easier to fall over! Sometimes when you fall over, you break a leg of the stool and it takes a long time to fix it.

Think about your business and creating lots of income, taking lots of vacations and creating long-term wealth (We want this type of control in life, that’s why we are entrepreneurs!) To truly do this (I’m not talking bout the short-term of hitting it big with some SEO only to fall when Google changes algorithms) you need to generate leads from three or four sources that you constantly hone in each.

Why is that so important to growing your company?

Far to many companies simply experiment in multiple lead sources instead of truly figuring them out, which leaves them way to susceptible to competition and volatile revenues. You don’t want that to be you. It’s really tempting once you start making some money to not want to look at other ways to create revenue. It takes discipline to build a strong company.

Here are 4.5 reasons you want multiple lead sources:

  • Increased enterprise value of your company – I’ve worked on selling quite a few companies, and if you want to really get maximum value, you need to have these strategies in place to take away the idea that the company is solely based around the owner. We all like more money.
  • A million times less stress – Want to see an entrepreneur panic? Check with them after google changes the algorithms and leads are no longer coming in. Chaos…. Companies with this strategy? They are eating weaker companies for breakfast for pennies on the dollar because they are able to crank up other sources to offset revenue loss.
  • Money – Lot’s of Money – You’re making success inevitable when you put into place this strategy. You know how much each marketing dollar earns you. Trust me, that’s fun. Lots of fun. And if it isn’t fun I’ll help you with some ways to spend your money.
  • Focus on systematic automation – Multiple lead sources means you have built-in systems within the company. Well run systems = happiness. Automated companies allow you to work on other pressing areas in the business.
  • 4.5 Systems mean vacation! – My litmus test if someone has a strong business is if they can get away for a month and the company grows. Do this, and you can walk away in a heartbeat. Think beach, sun and private cabana’s. Personally I like to scuba-dive in the tropics.

So now we’ve build the WHY……. Tomorrow, we’ll look at the “what” (lead sources…) and a bit of the “how”!

Now go out and make some money! 🙂 And if you like the blog, please subscribe and I will send you a “personal dance move”, you’re going to love it :), as a gift and you’ll get to hear about a lot of cool new stuff right when it comes out.