NLP and Modeling – What has been done can be done before and can be done again!

So I thought we would start off the week by sharing some information that has personally been worth 500K to me in my mastering the concept. NLP Modeling (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a very strong process that can help you get drastic results in a short amount of time.

Imagine you are $20,000 in debt, living in a friends basement and making $12 an hour. You are 25 and if you don’t go out with friends at all during the month, you can pay $200 dollars a month down in debt… Well, you were imagining my life at 25, not so fun right?

Fast forward the story 6 months. I was flying across the ocean from Sydney to Singapore and I had just received a $35,000 check from a client for strategic marketing services for the month of December. It was an awesome trip to go scuba diving on the great barrier reef as well as skydiving. Pretty cool stuff.

What changed?

When I was in the process of making a change from “guessing” at things and how they would work to knowing things would work and just tweaking the process, I came across a very powerful process called “Modeling”. This is an NLP term. (I didn’t know about NLP at the time).

What the heck is this modeling stuff?

Modeling means that anything that someone else can do, I can do also. Specifically, when we are tying this to business results, we mean that we can get the same results that another successful individual got by doing the same things… Sounds simple, right?

The modeling part is very easy, what is difficult is knowing exactly “What” the successful person did to make it work. People usually get part of the case, go and try to implement it and don’t get the results. What’s happened is they don’t have the “exact” cause of success.

I see this in marketing all the time where people learn a few principles such as: The law of scarcity, social proof, etc. When they put this into their videos or copy, they don’t get the results? Why? Because they don’t understand subliminal commands, positioning, implicit decision making triggers, etc. These are what get the results that people are looking for. If they could model the true behaviors that get results, they would get them. The changes are quick and simple, though we make things MUCH more difficult than they need to be.

This is getting a big long so I need a quick closing:

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