14783241_sPersistanceI’m sure you’ve heard the saying: “A quitter never wins, and a winner never quits.” The truth behind this is life changing. Being able to persist through trials is very important. If you want to be able to achieve your dreams and live a successful life, you can’t give up when things get tough. Here are some ways to help you stay persistent.

How to Persist

One thing that may help you persist through trials is to get clear on the purpose behind your visions or goals. Do you want your vision to give your family a better life? Do you want it to help others? What drives you? Always keep that in mind when things get tough and it will motivate you to keep pushing through. What is your Why?

Don’t blame others for your problems.

Even if you had a terrible childhood or experiences that hurt you, you can make a decision to change now. You don’t have to let what others did to you stop you from succeeding. Learn to accept responsibility for your mistakes and that will help you move forward. Also, be aware of other excuses you have. Even if some are legitimate, figure out a way to break through them.

Break your visions into goals and milestones.

If they become small, bite-size pieces, then you can easily watch yourself achieve them. It also helps if you track them by writing them down. By doing this, when you feel discouraged, you can look at what you’ve accomplished and it will help motivate you.

If you want to stay persistent, visualize what you want.

Think about and see it happening in your life. It helps you go beyond the goal and brings your visions to pass. Also see yourself doing what you need to do to accomplish that vision. You may want to write down how you’ll feel when you reach your vision or goal. It will make it feel more real to you.

One thing that you must do is decide to persist.

It’s not easy, but if you make a decision, then you will accomplish your goals and visions. Don’t just try to reach your goal, decide to! The most important part to staying persistent is to make a decision to do it. Do that and no one can stop you!

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