9298301_sConfidenceBeing able to develop confidence is a very important skill. Without it, your business can suffer. Who would buy your product if you weren’t confident that it would help them? Being confident gives off a feeling of trust and will help you get the sale. But how do you define confidence? Confidence is the belief in your ability to succeed. But be aware that your confidence doesn’t turn into cockiness. When you start thinking you are better than everyone else, you are being arrogant, not confident.

Where Does Confidence Come From?

For a lot of people, confidence comes from looking at past experiences, or from the words of parents and peers. Even though all of those have something to do with it, the bulk of our confidence should come from the Lord; from what the Bible tells us. Romans 8:37 says, “No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.” And Philippians 4:13 tells us: “For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.” Instead of solely relying in our own ability, we should get our confidence from who God says we are. We are conquerors and can do anything with Christ. These are powerful truths and should really inspire us and build our confidence.

Steps to Building Confidence

  1. Identify the areas where you need to grow your confidence. Most of us are confident in some areas but not in others. Look at your life and see where you lack confidence. It could be a lack of confidence in your ability to sell, or your ability to call people and ask for referrals.
  2. Define the new belief you want to install. Now that you know where you are lacking confidence, you need to become clear on the new belief you want. Be specific on how you want to become regarding the area you feel a lack of confidence in.
  3. Put it in writing. It is very powerful to write out what you want. In the first person, write out that “you are a good salesperson,” or whatever fits for you. Put emotion into your writing and write with conviction. The more you get involved with what you write, the more it helps you.
  4. Start speaking the new belief out loud. After you write out your belief, start to speak it. Again, speak it like you mean it with a lot of emotion. The more you hear yourself say that you are good at the area that you lack confidence, the more you start to believe it.
  5. Start moving with confidence. An important way to develop confidence is to physically be in a position that shows confidence. Correctly using your eyes, breathing, voice, and posture, you can start feeling confident by just standing in a confident position. Standing with your shoulder back and head high, breathing deep calm breathes, and speaking with a lively but confident tone, you start to feel confident. Using your body to feel confident is a very useful way to get the sale or make a business proposal in front of a board.

What areas in your life are you lacking confidence? Make a decision to develop your confidence in that area today, and watch all the good that comes from it!

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