16464986_sTeamBuilding a Powerful Team

No matter where you work or what you do, sometimes you will have to work together with others. The most effective way to get something done in a group is to form a team. A team is a group of people joining forces to work together. They all have the same goals and are each contributing to reaching that goal. Teams are very powerful. They outperform groups and individuals; there is a bonding that takes place between the individuals on the team; and success or failure is felt by every member, making it easy for people to give their input and take chances.

How to Build a Great Team

  1. Make sure there is diversity. A lot of teams fail because the leader picks people who resemble himself. Without having people who come up with different ideas, the team will become stuck.
  2. After the team is chosen, common goals and visions need to be developed. Everyone needs to be on the same page in regards to what the team is working for. If the members are confused as to what they are trying to accomplish, the team will get nowhere.
  3. Set clear rules of behavior. If work is to get done, people need to know what they should be doing and what they shouldn’t. Rules will help to keep everyone in line and focused on what needs to be done.
  4. Be enthusiastic and encouraging. Letting the members on the team know that you like what they’re doing will help keep them motivated. Try to be as encouraging as possible; it will keep the atmosphere of the team positive.
  5. Develop a sense of urgency. This will help battle procrastination and keeps the members busy. It will also allow your team to meet any deadlines that may have been set.
  6. Provide a safe environment to share. Make sure that all the members feel like any ideas they share won’t be laughed at or mocked. You want to encourage every member to share their input. The more ideas that are floating around a team, the more likely that someone will figure out a way to do something more efficiently.

How to Problem Solve with Teams

Even when you build a great team, things don’t always turn out right. Sometimes a problem affecting the team messes up how you reach your goals. You want to make sure that you solve the problem as a team with everyone’s input. Here are some simple steps to make sure everyone is involved and on the same page.

1. Define the goal. Make sure that the goal that you were reaching for is still the same at that everyone knows what it is.
2. Define the why. Make sure the team knows how the team members will benefit. Make sure there is motivation to keep them going and wanting to reach the goal.
3. Define roadblocks. Figure out what was hurting the team, or what will stop the team from achieving what it wants. The issue needs to be clearly explained so everyone can see what was holding them back.
4. Make specific plans to fix this issue. Discuss the best way to move past whatever the issue was that you just talked about. You want all the members participating to figure out the best plan.
5. Put the plans into action. The most important part of having a plan is making sure it is actually being used. Don’t just discuss a plan and then ignore it. Put it into action!
6. Maintain group accountability and correction. As the leader, you want to make sure people stick to the plan. If members aren’t following the strategies everyone came up with, correct them properly.
7. Keep moving forward. Keep correcting people as needed and if necessary, change the plan. Just stick with it.

Being able to build a successful team is a great skill! Make sure to practice being a good team leader and the teams you form will always be achieving more and more. If you want more information, we have videos on this topic and many more in our Master Training Center. Try it for free for 7 days HERE!