12581498_sExerciseStaying Active in the Workplace

If you want to be successful in business you need to stay healthy. Scientists have made some startling discoveries regarding exercising your body. It’s been discovered that sitting for long periods of time can lead to premature death. This sort of inactivity is the fourth biggest killer of adults. And most of that inactivity occurs when you’re just sitting in your office working. Even people who exercise regularly are still prone to poor health by just spending too much time sitting. One study of 800,000 individuals found that the people who sat the longest amount of time were twice as likely to have diabetes or heart disease.

It has been found that breaking up the time you spend sitting can drastically help this problem. You should stand up after every 10-20 minutes of sitting. The act of sitting stops your body from exerting itself against gravity. Without this exertion your body weakens and even ages faster. We need to keep ourselves in good condition if we want to be effective in all the work we do.

But, for most business people sitting is just part of the daily routine, so how can we change this?

Tips to Help Interrupt Your Sitting

  1. Rearrange your office. If you place things like important files and folders away from you, it forces you to get up and move to use them. Also, things like placing the printer or telephone out of arms reach of your chair will help you move a lot more.
  2. Sit on an exercise ball. Not only will it help you keep good posture, but bouncing a little will make you exert yourself against gravity. Having to balance makes it healthier than sitting in a comfy office chair. Or sit in a hard uncomfortable chair, that way you’re constantly moving to get in a better position.
  3. Some people have come up with ways to make their work station accessible to both standing and sitting. That way when you get up and stand you can still work. Standing while working is much healthier than sitting anyways.
  4. The more you energy you have to exert against gravity, the better. Activities like jumping or squatting make your body exert more. Set a timer on your computer for every 10-20 minutes, and when it goes off do a few jumps or squats.

Moving out of the sitting position helps turn your bad fat into good fat. Bad white fat turns into good brown fat by doing these activities daily. Brown fat burns energy instead of storing it. It will help you look and feel better to have more healthy fat in your body.

Living in a time when most of us can get all of our work done in such a small space, it is important to remember to get up and move. Not living a sedentary life is so important to staying in good health.

Decide today to figure out a way to break up your time sitting. The benefits will be well worth it and it will help you to stay successful.