13034817_sTimeHow to Manage Your Time

If you want to be able to get anything done during the day, you need to manage your time. This skill affects every aspect of your life: business and personal. If you want to get more done every day, you need to start thinking about time as an investment. How are you investing your time? Are the things that you invest your time in making you more successful? Time is actually more valuable than money, because if you invest your time in the right areas, you see an immediate return on your investment and therefore, make more money. So, how do you do with managing your time? Do you feel stressed a lot trying to decide what to do in a day? Do you just not accomplish what you planned? Well, here are some tips to help you budget your time more efficiently.

Ways to Help You Manage Your Time

  1. Take time to plan your day every morning. If you take a couple of minutes and plan out what you need to accomplish each morning, you will save yourself hours. You won’t waste your time on fruitless activities when you could be doing something beneficial. It also helps you remember what you need to get done, so you don’t have a panic attack at night because you forgot to do something important.
  2. Review your visions to make sure that your to-dos are in line with them. If the activities on your to-do list aren’t helping you reach your vision in some way, why are you doing them? Make sure your actions are leading you to where you want to go.
  3. Learn to say “no” when it’s appropriate. You can’t do everything that people ask of you. When someone asks you to do something that will only waste your time, it is ok to decline. You don’t have to say yes to every person who asks you to do something.
  4. Group errands and appointments together geographically. If you’re going to be out running an errand or at an appointment, try to schedule other things in the same area at the same time. It will save you commuting time if can plan ahead and get things in the same area done with.
  5. Block your tasks together. If you are doing paperwork, then sit down and do all the paperwork that you need to get done. Don’t hop from task to task. It takes, on average, 10 minutes for someone to get back on track after getting off task. It will save you time to just lump your tasks together.
  6. Allow only your current work to be on your desk. To keep your desk organized, put away the items that you are not working on anymore. File them right away so that you don’t waste time later sorting through many documents trying to find a file. Keep your desk organized.
  7. Have a contact manager. Make sure that your contacts and appointments are all in one place. Many people keep all this information on their phone so when they need to do something at a certain time, a reminder can come up. It also allows you to have all of your important information—including contacts, appointments and your schedule—in one place. It is easy to access and helps you remember what you need to get done.

Being able to budget your time efficiently is an extremely important skill. It allows you to get so much more done and will ultimately make you more successful. Think about what areas of your life cause you to waste time. Decide to change those areas and implement new strategies that will save you time. If you want more tips on this subject, check out our Master Training Center today!