7ThingsBookAre You One of the 95% of Entrepreneurs Who Suffer From Lack of Clarity or Exhaustion?

Lack of clarity and exhaustion are two absolute killers for businesses.  Research has shown that 95% of entrepreneurs suffer from one of these two traits.

I had a great discussion with my mentor about this very topic and how 95% of businesses struggle with these two areas:

  1. Lack of Clarity (decision paralysis) – This group doesn’t know exactly what direction to go for success, so they constantly acquire more information.  They’ve read the self-help books such as “Think and Grow Rich” and “The Secret” along with all of the latest and greatest marketing books to no avail.  All of this information has led to a lack of clarity because even though they have the knowledge, they don’t know how to execute.  From an outside view, it looks like these people are in resistance to the process, though in all reality they don’t know specifically what will make them successful.
  2. Emotional Exhaustion (No clear solution) – This group suffers because they are riding on emotional energy to get everything done.  What inevitably happens is they are unable to grasp the larger picture and see some of their limitations.  When faced against obstacles they attack them with fervor, though they become tired when they don’t have the right tools to get through the situation.  Eventually they get worn out and settle for what they have because they seemingly are unable to see a new solution.

I think if you look inside someone’s business, you see these run rampant.

And the challenge is…..

Most have a hard time admitting they struggle with it.

This topic tends to get me wound up because I see the destruction that it has on businesses, families, as well as other relationships. The damage it has on business and failure of the company is just a minor part of the equation.

The real disaster is when the business owner gets home and isn’t present with is family because he’s worried about failure, where his next client will come from.  Years go by without the owner truly enjoying life and business fears absolutely dominating his thoughts.  And he wants a way out.

Despite the many setbacks across the country, some business owners are doubling and tripling their income while spending a whole lot less time at the office.  They are able to end the day at 5 and go home and play with their families, take vacations and get-a-ways on a set schedule, and truly enjoy life.

No matter where your business is located, and no matter what condition it is in, you can move out of the 95% confusion bracket and into the top 5% of earners by implementing the effective techniques by downloading the “7 Things our Clients are Doing to Double Their Income” book.

This book is chock full of strategies to help you end the confusion and clarity that arises in small business.

Implement the book in your life, and I look forward to hearing your success stories.