20903876_sSuccessSometimes Success Is Only One Word Away

One WORD.  Sometimes that is the difference between success and failure.

I was rewriting some landing page copy this week for a client for a page that was converting at 3%.  The only edit was a simple word replacement….

Bam 18% conversions.

The great thing about internet marketing is the instant feedback, and the feedback was very positive for the changes that were made.

Lets think about that for a second though.  600% better response rate from a single word!

What the change did was make the page go from losing money at a rate of 3:1, meaning for every three dollars spend on advertising, the copy made one dollar.

Fast forward to the changes, the company is now making money at a rate of 2:1.  Every dollar that is put into the marketing funnel now kicks out two dollars.

Pretty amazing right?  If only we could go into every situation knowing how close victory was.

This leads into two of the hardest things for an entrepreneur:  Realizing how close success is and staying positive and knowing exactly what to change!

Next week in my weekly post, I’ll write more about how to go about knowing exactly what to change.

The big take-away I want to leave you with is that even if you are struggling mightily, success probably is only a thread away.

Good luck finding that thread. Let us know if we can help!

By Bryan Rider!