17360308_sAre You Leading Leaders or Followers?

I love leaders… and I love followers. But what kind of person do you want on your team?  Do you want a leader or a follower? To a certain extent, we want both. However, in reality even our followers need to be taught to be leaders.

When people reach out to me for help, my heart goes out to them. They are looking for answers and I want to help them. It’s who I am. However, that doesn’t mean I CAN help them. Purposefully I have to determine if I can. Here are a few questions I ask myself…

  1. Are they teachable?
  2. Do they follow directions?
  3. Are they wanting me to lead them or are they looking for answers so they can lead themselves?
  4. Have they listened to, watched or implemented the training they already have access to?
  5. Do they have a plan to reach their goals? (If not, are they willing to learn how to get a plan?)

Here’s the truth… as your business grows, you will only get busier everyday. So you have to be selective on your time that you give to others.  So let’s be real…

  • Are you leading leaders that you are training to be stronger leaders?
  • Are you leading followers that you are training to be leaders? or…
  • Are you leading followers that are staying followers?

Who do you want on your team?

That’s an important question every leader needs to answer for themselves. Because what you expect from those around you, most of the time, will be what you get. So what do you expect from your team? Do you have something in place that sets them up for success? Do you have training available? The success or failure of your business depends a lot on the people who you have around you.

Here’s 3 reasons why I believe most people fail in business of any kind: (Forgive me if this sounds harsh… but it is based on YEARS of coaching and counseling people in life, ministry and business.):

  1. They try to re-invent the wheel! They want to find a new way to succeed instead of following the steps of those who are already succeeding. Why would anyone do that? Why not learn from those who have already succeeded? I mean think about it… if you knew exactly what Bill Gates did to become a billionaire, you knew the exact steps… wouldn’t you want to follow those steps for your own business?  You can re-invent the wheel AFTER you have success under your belt. At least in the beginning go with what is proven before you step out and experiment.
  2. They don’t take income producing disciplined action steps everyday! Success doesn’t just happen, its deliberate. It’s strategic. It’s planned out! But many times what happens is people expect to be spoon fed the answers instead of stepping out and “doing” even before they fully understand what to do. No matter what business you are in, most have trainings available that give clear action steps on what to do.  Yet, I still find there are people who won’t do the training… they want to find a “new” way… or they want me to tell them what to do. Even when given clear action steps, they still don’t always do them. They give excuses instead of why they can’t or haven’t followed the directions.
  3. They build followers instead of leaders!  Here’s the thing… we can build leaders who make a difference and show others the way… (leadership duplication) or followers who never move forward unless they are spoon fed… it’s all a mindset shift. One way empowers… the 2nd way exhausts.

Do you want your business to succeed?

Of course you do. That’s a no brainer! So who are you leading? If it’s followers, start training them to be leaders! If it’s leaders, empower them to be stronger leaders. Some of the best leaders I know surround themselves by people who are strong in their weak areas. It’s amazing what they can accomplish as a team by doing that.

Here’s my take: I choose to be a leader! I am a leader who follows other leaders. I do what they do because they’ve already learned the lessons the hard way. That’s wisdom! As I blaze a trail behind me, I’m successful because I’m following in the “blazed trail” of strong leaders. In the process, I’m also blazing a NEW trail.

That’s not arrogance on my part, it’s confidence in the leaders who have gone before me… it’s confidence in who I am as a child of God and His direction for my life… it’s confidence in who I am as a leader… and it’s learned wisdom as someone who has experienced the hard knocks of “doing it my way”. I’ve sung that song too many times. I have battle wounds from years of stubbornness. I finally figured out… there’s a better way!

While we may want to help everyone… we can’t. Not everyone wants to be helped. But for you, determine in your business who you want to have around you and where you are going to lead them. Will you lead leaders or followers? Once you determine your course of action, you’ll be headed into new levels of growth, income and success.

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