15262920_sAre you tired? Discouraged? Are you wondering if you will ever succeed to the level that matches the dream in your heart… the vision you have… the goal you’ve set?

Let me encourage you today, don’t give up… keep fighting… your victory is almost complete. It’s right around the corner! How do I know? One… I felt led to write this to you! And two… when you don’t give up, you will begin to see some victory the more you keep moving forward. It might start in small areas… but make sure you rejoice and celebrate each area! A whole lot of small areas eventually add up over time to a lot of victory!

Where does it start?

It’s starts in your mind!

You can’t walk in victory if you are always thinking thoughts of defeat. You have to see yourself succeeding… see yourself prospering… see yourself accomplishing your dreams, goals and visions! It’s called visualization and it’s powerful!

Romans 12:2 says we are transformed by the renewing of our mind! If that is true for spiritual things, don’t you think it is true for natural things? Of course it is. If you are tired, discouraged and struggling with defeat, start renewing your mind in the areas that you need your mind renewed in.

That simply means, walk in opposites!

  • If you are tired, think thoughts that energize you!
  • If you are discouraged, think thoughts that encourage you!
  • If you are thinking thoughts of quitting or giving up, think thoughts where you see yourself succeeding, prospering, reaching every dream, vision and goal.

What? You don’t think it works? I challenge you to try it for 5 minutes today! Think thoughts of discouragement first for 5 minutes and monitor how you feel and your outlook.

NOW… think thoughts of power, victory, prosperity and success for 5 minutes! Really do this! Don’t just play with it. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your viewpoint and your perception changes! What we think determines the direction we go!

The next step? Get your words right!

Oh yeah… I had to go there! Words are POWERFUL!!!

When you were a kid were you ever called stupid, dumb, ugly or anything else negative by someone really important to you… like a parent or teacher? Most of us have experienced that. What did you grow up believing? Most of us grew up believing that those words were true.

Words are POWERFUL!

So what if you take the same concept and speak negative words about yourself or your business? Will you believe what you say? Of course… if you speak it long enough, you’ll believe your own words. And you’ll get exactly what you speak. If you speak defeat and despair, you can expect defeat and despair. It’s the law of sowing and reaping. You sow negativity, you will reap negativity!

Now… what if you switched that completely to the positive side?

The Bible says, “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”. So, what’s in your heart usually comes out of your mouth.  That makes it really simple. Change what’s in your heart by renewing your mind (thinking different thoughts) and what will come out of your mouth will be different as well.

What if your thoughts don’t change quick enough? Faith it until you make it! In other words speak words of faith about yourself and your business until it not only changes your mind, it changes your business!

I said all that to say, speak only words about yourself or your business that are positive and encouraging… words that build up… words that empower, and make you want to excel!

You can do it! This is where you KEEP FIGHTING until your VICTORY IS COMPLETE!

Don’t give up! Celebrate your victories… think thoughts of success and victory… speak words of success and victory… and start expecting success! In time, you’ll begin to have what you consistently think and say!

You CAN expect success when you keep your focus on the goal! Give me a shout if you have any thoughts, comments or questions!

By Deb Hollis!

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