20622183_sReferrals are often an underused way to build up a client base. Being able to have someone else refer a client to you makes it a lot easier to talk to, and build a relationship with the potential client. They aren’t a cold lead, but they had a friend or family member who actually thought that you could help them. Having a warmer or sometimes even a hot lead is a lot more beneficial and effective than not having one.

Referrals can come from practically anywhere. You can stay connected with inactive clients and have them refer friends to you. Active clients, business associates, friends and family are all great sources of referrals. The people who you struck a connection or friendship with are often more than willing to help you. The most important part to getting referrals is you just need to ask.

If you don’t ask, you’ll almost never get referrals.

The people you talk to all have their own lives that are on their minds. Most of them don’t even think about referring people to you because they are too busy with their own thoughts. But if you ask them, they will likely be able to help you.

There are some common reasons that people don’t ask for referrals though. Many times they don’t want to come across as pushy. But if you know how to ask correctly, you don’t have to sound pushy. Other people are scared of being rejected. One thing you must remember is that they are not rejecting you, just your business proposition. You have to get over a fear of rejection to succeed in life. The people who have been the most successful are the ones who have been turned down the most. You must always keep trying though. It is also important to feel confident with yourself to ask for referrals and be competent about your business. Surround yourself with people who can help you learn and make sure that you continue to train yourself in your business. You need to be confident in your abilities.

Referrals are great because they are so efficient.

They allow you to do more business with less effort. Someone else is taking the time to tell a friend about you and their experiences they had. They are coming to you without you even having to spend your own time finding them and marketing yourself. It’s a good investment of your time that will have a big payback. It’s been said that one referral is worth 10-15 phone calls.

Referrals are also smoother than a cold lead.

If you ask for more information about the person being referred, then the person will receive you a lot easier. Make sure to know a little about them before you make contact. In addition,

They are more cost-effective.

It’s said to cost about seven times the money to get a new client as opposed to a referral. And lastly,

Referrals are more fun.

It is more fun to ask others and find someone in that way than to get a lead with no previous ties to you.

The best way to ask for a referral is to ask an open-ended question; do not ask a yes or no question. People are programmed to say “no” since we were children. Always ask something like, “Who do you know? Suggest? Recommend? Who pops into your mind?” All these questions presuppose they already know someone. This is the best way to ask. It makes them think right there of who would be a good referral. Next, prioritize and make your plan. Decide to ask for referrals every day, or at whatever time you think you should. But figure out a time when you’re going to do it and stick to it. But don’t always just ask, if someone else needs a referral, give them a referral. Help others as well. And lastly say thank you. A hand-written note, or phone call, or any other way is a great way of showing your gratitude but also encouraging them to send more people your way.

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