13241779_sSuccessGoals are extremely important for us to have to reach our visions. They are the building blocks that get you where you want to go. Even though many people have heard this before, a Harvard study points out some interesting information. Here are some of the things they learned.

The majority of people in this study who stated that they didn’t have goals had an income that was below the poverty level. The people who said that they had some goals but didn’t have them written down usually earned about middle-class income. Only three percent of people actually had their goals in writing and reviewed them, and these people were the highest income earners. Having goals that are written down is very important to succeeding in life and business. And being able to turn these goals into business plans makes achieving them more realistic.

There are three different types of goals that you can set. Each of them are necessary, and if you don’t incorporate all three then you can get stuck.


Short-term goals are the goals that you can complete in a short amount of time, like a day or a week. A lot of people have short-term goals. They can be things like finishing a report or making a certain amount of phone calls in a day. Many unsuccessful people have short-term goals and stop there. If you stop with short-term goals then you never have any real way of reaching your higher visions.


Midrange goals are the goals that lead up to long-term goals. They are the building blocks to make sure that you can accomplish long-term goals.


Goals that determine where you want to go in life are long-term goals. They usually take a long time to accomplish, but they are very important goals to have. People who have long-term goals are more likely to achieve them and get farther in life. But really, you need all three types of goals to be successful. If you only have one, then you’ll struggle more with figuring out how to reach your vision.

You need to make sure that the goals you set are important to you.

If you are not passionate about the goal, then you won’t usually have the motivation to stick with it. This is most important with long-term goals. Some short-term goals might not be fun, but if you need to do them then you will. But to keep encouraged in the long-run, then you need to be passionate about your goals.

Business plans are like goals that are specifically for your business. When you are determining business plans you need to know what their purpose is for you. It could be just so that you have a plan to stick to and work towards. They could keep your business organized and create structure for it. Business plans can help you to avoid mistakes and keep you on track. They could also be created if you want funding for your business.

The best way to create a business plan is to work backwards. Start with the goal that you want and then start figuring out what you’d need to do on a monthly or weekly basis to achieve it. Then get more specific until you can map out day-to-day actions to help you reach it.

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