21130988_sHave you ever stopped or slowed down long enough to ask yourself that question? What kind of a leader am I? Are you the kind that inspires others? Or do you repel others? Are you the kind that people come to you begging you to let them follow you? Or are you the kind that you have to beg others to follow you?

Years ago I heard a saying by John Maxwell… “if you think you are a leader and no one is following, you’re only out taking a walk.”  It’s strong… and a bit harsh… yet completely true. We can want to be a leader… hope we are a leader… consider ourselves a leader… and even be in a type of leadership position… BUT, if no one is following or they are forced to follow because you are the boss, the reality is, we’re only out taking a walk.

Followers follow leaders with vision and heart. They follow leaders who inspire them and make them hungry for the direction they are going. They follow leaders who seem to genuinely care for them and their success.

What about other leaders? If they are a strong leader in their own right, will they follow you as an even stronger leader? These kinds of questions are tough to ask ourselves. Because we have to be willing to be brutally honest and see ourselves clearly instead of who we “think” we are. Look around you… what do you see? Do you see people who want to follow you? Who want to be on board with you? Who get excited with the direction you are going? Do you see leaders who want to learn from you so they can grow in their own leadership?

Is that you? Are you that kind of leader? If not, it’s never too late to start being a leader that inspires others to follow. If you aren’t sure, ask someone close to you who really knows you… someone who will be very honest with you. Or, ask a leader who you look up to what they see when they look at you. It may be a painful conversation, but the pain only lasts for a moment if you’re willing to put the work in to changing yourself as a leader.

It starts with two simple steps… Love God and Love People!

That’s it.  All the other things; how to lead, how to recruit, how to inspire loyalty or how to be a strong leader… those are all things that can be learned.

But Loving God and Loving People comes from the heart. It comes from who you really are and THAT is what will ultimately inspire people to want to follow you.

You’re heard the saying many times, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!” Did you know if you just begin caring for people by loving them, that can change everything on how they view you as a leader? It’s true. The key is to start by loving God first. When you do, your heart will be much better prepared to love others. Even those who are “sandpaper people”.  You know who I’m talking about, the ones who rub you the wrong way regularly. When you love God will all your heart, you’ll begin to love people more and more because you’ll begin to see them through God’s eyes. It’s so much easier to love someone who rubs you wrong when you see them through the Love of God.

I encourage you this day, begin to love others as a person and as a leader. Be genuine and truly care for them. They will respond accordingly.

You want to be a better leader? It starts with you!!!

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Are you ready?

~ Deb