What’s holding you back? Is it the economy? Your suppliers? Your vendors? A need for training in your field? Is it a lack of knowledge on how to get to the next level? Your past mistakes or failures?  What is it? Is it you?

I know that’s a tough question to consider… “is it me holding me back?” I would venture to say in almost every instance, yes. It is “me”. Everything else can be “gotten around”… or “learned”.

But what do we do when the problem is us?

What do we do when we realize it is a lack of motivation… lack of know how… lack of even “desire” to get beyond where we are at? We know we need to, but we are stuck. We know we need the income, but we just can’t seem to “get going”. We’re in a rut so deep that all we see is “mediocrity” ahead, the failure behind us and the problems that are so big they are walls all around us.

What then? As a faith-based company our first answer is always “ask God”. He is the supplier of wisdom. He knows EXACTLY what we need to do to get to the next level.

James 1:5, “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him.”

We may not want to know or even like His answer, but if we’ll ask, He’ll tell us. He’s faithful to do that for us. That wisdom could come directly from Him speaking to us or through someone else.

I know… you might be thinking, “I’m so frustrated right now I can’t HEAR His voice.” OK… I get that. That’s where talking to a coach comes in handy. Someone who is spiritually discerning enough who can help guide us not only learning to hear the voice of God during turmoil but also providing guidance and confirmation at times as needed.

We all need help at times.

It’s not an admission of failure… it’s an admission that we simply need someone outside our own head (where the problem is) to help get us on or back on track. God gave us to each other so we can grow together. We all need someone to talk to.  No one is exempt from that.

But what about you? Do you need someone to talk to? Here’s a thought… If you don’t ever need anyone, I might suggest that pride is your biggest problem. THAT could be the main thing holding you back.  Is that a tough pill to swallow? Just know you are not alone. We all struggle with pride at times… it’s something to acknowledge, deal with and learn to not operate in. It’s not a mountain to get around, it’s only an obstacle to overcome.

Don’t let pride or embarrassment keep you from reaching out and asking for help. Especially if you are in a rut that all your own attempts to come out of have failed.

We’re here to help you if you’ll let us.

Did you know that a desire to see you excel is one of the key heartbeats of this company? It’s about YOU… and helping YOU to succeed. Give us a calllet us help you go to the next level. It may only take one call… or it may take many… but it WILL be worth it! Especially when you are no longer in that rut or place of struggle!

It’s time for you to move forward.

We’re here for you. Let’s set up a time for you to talk to one of our gifted coaches. If you are willing, we’ll help get you to the next level!

Reach out to us to Schedule your Complimentary Coaching Session. There’s no need to stay in this rut any longer… not when one phone call can change everything for you.

It’s time.

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