19808760_sEvery one of us deals with stress. We all have daily stressors that take part in our life. Dealing with family or business can really become a stressful matter at times. And especially around the Christmas season, a lot of the stress becomes more severe. According to the American Psychological Association, people’s stress levels have been increasing over the past few years.

The effects that stress causes are very serious. Stress has been linked to cancer, tumors that are resistant to treatments, and potentially Alzheimer’s disease. It triggers a degenerative process in the brain and affects the immune system. So it is really important to learn how to manage stress.

Here are some simple tips to help you de-stress.

1. Exercise.

Exercise releases chemicals in the brain that make you feel happier. It can reduce how stressed you feel. It also fights the physical symptoms that often come with stress as well. People who exercised while stressed had 37% less physical symptoms.

2. Go outside.

Being out in nature lowers your stress level tremendously. People who lived in places with a lot of nature felt less stressed than people who lived in cities.

3. Focus on breathing.

When you get stressed, take some deep breaths. It will oxygenate your body and help bring it back into balance. The best way is to breathe through your nose. This sort of breathing can make you feel a lot calmer.

4. Participate in a hobby.

Having a hobby you enjoy is a great thing. It allows you to enjoy yourself and it brings some much-needed fun. Try to find something that you really like to do, and actually make time for it.

5. Eat right.

Make sure that you schedule times to eat. Don’t be rushing through meals; it is not beneficial. Make sure that you eat healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables on a regular basis as well. Taking a little time to eat can make you feel a lot less stressed.

6. Stay positive.

People who are positive handle everyday stressors much better than people who are not. Keep a list of things that you are grateful for and look at it often. Focusing on the good things in life can help you stay positive. And try to catch yourself when you become negative to stop those thoughts.

7. Stay connected.

Being lonely is a major cause of stress. Try to join classes to meet people with like interests, start volunteering, or make time to get coffee with a friend. All these ways will keep you less stressed and help you maintain healthy relationships.

8. Take a break.

Shutting off your phone or computer and sitting quietly for just 10 minutes can really help trigger a relaxation response. Take some time for yourself to unwind.

These are not the only ways to reduce stress; they are just some of the most popular ones. You can pick and choose which ones you think will help you the most from this list or any other ideas you may have. Being able to de-stress is crucial to succeeding in life. It allows you to have better focus and can also strengthen relationships and improve your health. Decide to find a couple ways to get rid of your stress and implement them as soon as possible.

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