19587108_sNoBarriersBeing a Leader is a tough job. It is a job/role where many are looking to you, watching you and seeing what you would do in a situation. The pressure is always on. Leadership comes with a price! There is almost always a level of high pressure, stress and complications… in the business/ministry and in people. But it also comes with GREAT rewards when you see something you’ve done make a difference in the lives of others.

To be a good leader, which we all endeavor to be, you have to show some of the characteristics that will identify you as the one with authority, and the one who people will follow.  After all, if you have no followers, are you actually a leader?

Here are five characteristics of a Good Leader. While there are MANY more, these are five notable ones.

Leaders Lead by Setting the Bar High

If you are running a business or have come up with an idea where you want people to follow you, it’s important that you set the bar high in showing your people ethical and honest ways to run the business.  You have to lead by example because you want them to follow and emulate your behavior. Meaning… how you lead, the bar you set, will set the tone on how people will act, operate and follow.

Leaders Lead by Learning To Trust People

Being a leader does not mean you have to do all of the tasks yourself. A leader MUST learn to delegate.  That means choosing to trust those you lead by delegating the responsibilities to your key people.  It means giving those under you a chance to excel by taking a task you’ve given them and allowing them to prove themselves with it.

If you have the mentality that you have to do it all yourself just to make sure it is done “right”, then you will never grow strong leaders under you and your organization will suffer because of it. You can’t carry or do everything. No one was meant to be a lone ranger. We need each other. A strong leader will learn how to trust and delegate by training and teaching how they want a task carried out and then giving the person freedom to run with it.

Of course one of the keys in that is to make sure you are assigning tasks to the right people, who possesses the right skills to fit the job.

Leaders Lead by developing Good Communication Skills

Proper communication is not just a one-way process. You should learn how to relay the information and to LISTEN to what your people have to say as well. You must always show value and importance in what your team is saying. After all, you need them to run your business. If they don’t feel that you hear them or value what they have to say, they aren’t going to give you everything they have to excel in their role. There are a few exceptions to this when you find someone extraordinary, but it doesn’t happen often. We all needs leaders that will listen to us.

Leaders Lead by Staying Committed

Regardless of the types of challenges your business faces, you must stay focused and committed. If you are all over the place and constantly switching from thing to thing, so will your team members. Show your people that you are the type of leader who is not easily put down, discouraged or wishy-washy. Let them see your strengths… Let them see your stability!  Give your team a reason to want to follow you. Remember, if your people see you as a weak leader, you cannot expect them to trust you, have confidence in you or be at ease with you.

A good rule of thumb is this: Be the kind of leader that YOU want to follow.

Leaders Lead by Being a Good Follower

Every business or company has a set rules. You, as a leader, should be a good role model to your people by following your own rules, regardless of the situation. You must show them that rules apply to every person in the company, regardless of their position.

Another side to that is every great leader follows somebody. Let your team know that you have a Coach, Leader or Mentor as well. Someone I’m coaching recently said to me when I told them I had a coach as well, “I’m glad. I could not have a coach that isn’t being coached.” People want to know and see a level of humility and a teachable heart in you. It makes it easier for them to follow you.

These are just a few thoughts. As I said, there are MANY characteristics of a Good Leader. But if you’ll learn to apply even these, it will take you to a new level in your own leadership.

If we can help you in anyway, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you and want to see you succeed!