The Online Marketing World is constantly changing. In this Newsletter you will find information regarding some of these changes. I hope you find this helpful!

  1. Google Home Services Is Now Google Local Services
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  4. Twitter Has Doubled Its Character Limit
  5. Instagram Will Now Let You Follow Specific Hashtags

Here is an excerpt from the Newsletter:

Google Home Services has been rebranded as Google Local Services and expanded to 17 states. Google has re-branded it for a reason — they are now including businesses that do not come under the “home services” like auto repairs & dentists.  They are actively expanding it to other states and adding new categories.

People have witnessed a boost of up to 70% after joining the Google Local Service program. Google has launched a dedicated app using which you can accept bookings, respond to customer questions & track conversions. It also allows you to track calls and manage ad budget.

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