Leadership is something that many would consider a responsibility for the smartest, the richest, and the boldest of people.

‘Leader’ isn’t usually the word that comes to mind when you are asked to describe yourself. However, did you know that we are all leaders? We may not know it or accept it, but we all help ‘lead’ those around us onto various paths- for better or for worse.

The truth is, we have a huge influence on the lives of others. If that seems scary, it’s because sometimes it is. Leadership is a daunting task; but with the wisdom and love of Christ we can do it and do it well. Through God we can become much more than we are now; and with time and growth, we can all learn to lead with excellence.

What is the definition of excellence? Oxford Dictionary says that it is “the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.” That leaves a wide range of possibilities. Perhaps that’s not such a bad thing; after all, we all excel in different ways.

God didn’t give us a structured list of rules to follow in order to be a great leader. He has instead given us commands to follow in order to first be great Christians, and then use the resources He has given us to lead. This means that we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others. We all excel in different areas, and so what works for one person may not work for another. Part of being a leader is knowing we are all the same before God and yet taking healthy pride in the abilities He has blessed us with.

With the term ‘leader’ naturally comes the term ‘role model.’ If you have any influence whatsoever- which you do by simply existing, everything you do is being analyzed by those around you. This may seem scary, but we do it all the time. We have no idea how much of an impact we truly are on others.

In Philippians 4:9, the Apostle Paul says,

“What you have learned and received and heard and seen in me—practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you.”

Being a leader doesn’t have to be a burden; it’s actually a beautiful gift.

We can set the example for new believers and nonbelievers alike. That involves love, forgiveness, compassion, truth, and every good thing that Jesus represented during His time on earth. Even those who had nothing to do with Him were influenced by His words and actions in some way. The same goes for us.

If we acquire some kind of leadership position, we should lead with humility and confidence in God. However, even if we don’t end up in a specific leadership role, we are still anointed by God to go and make disciples of all nations. We are set apart to build His Kingdom here on earth. It’s up to us to lead the people around us into the joy and the salvation that can be found in Christ alone.

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~ Your Expect Success Leadership Team!