19339040_sLeadership is more than just knowing you can lead a bunch of people. It’s more than having followers. We all have people that we lead and who follow us.  So the question is not CAN we influence them, it’s HOW will we influence them!

One of the qualities that comes to the top of our list is

A Leader should have a vision and know how to share it!

The Bible says, without a vision, people perish. (Proverbs 29:18)  We all need a vision to follow so we know what direction we are going in. A leader must not only HAVE a vision, it is key that they know how to share it with people in a way that they will jump on board with the vision. Otherwise, no matter how great of a leader you may be, you’ll lose your followers. People need a direction to follow.

A Leader should have Strong Character!

It starts with believing in your self. If you don’t believe in you, how will others? Are you a leader YOU would follow? If not, become that leader. If you want others to respect you, become someone they can respect by learning to respect yourself first.

Don’t be the weak link that holds your team back. Be that man or woman of integrity that they know they can count on in the good times and bad times.

A Leader takes Responsibility for their actions and those on their team!

To be that strong leader, it comes with a great responsibility. Not only must you be accountable for your own actions, but, even when it’s not your fault, be responsible for the actions of your team. They look to you for leadership and guidance. If they are going astray in the tasks, actions or words, it’s up to you to bring them back around. When they struggle and fall, be willing to take responsibility for it. Your team will ultimately respect you more because of it.

A Leader should know how to Develop the gifts in others!

You’ve heard it said, “a strong leader staffs in their areas of weakness.”  That’s a true statement. Where you are weak, another on your team should be strong. If they have gifts and abilities, cultivate those gifts so they can become even stronger in them. They will love you for it… and you’ll earn their loyalty because they know you are looking out for them.

A Leader should have a positive outlook on life, ministry and business!

It’s to you others will look for help at times. Be that person that is always upbeat and encouraging. Not only will it draw others to you, but when they come, they will lead better than when they started. A leader knows how to motivate with words and actions of encouragement.

The Bottom Line…

Think of the kind of leader you have always wanted to follow and BECOME that leader! Be humble, yet strong. Always build up others. You’ll build a team of followers that will respect you and want to follow you wherever you lead them.

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