Affiliate Program

Get paid WELL for helping people change their lives forever and you can build a SUBSTANTIAL RESIDUAL INCOME! As an Affiliate you will get paid as your referrals become Clients!

Earn as You Learn!

Imagine helping others increase their Income Rapidly and helping them to NEVER WORRY about Money Again!

Imagine getting paid to share a program that helps others Develop the Personal Skills needed to SUCCEED in any situation!

Imagine getting paid to help others learn to Grow Their Business Quickly on a Solid Foundation!

Imagine helping others to Develop the Professionals Skills Necessary to run a World Class Business!

Watch a recording of our Webinar and learn how you too can make a lot of money by helping others!


Why This Program is So Powerful!

1. You are sharing something with others that is truly beneficial and has the
potential to improve their life dramatically.
2. Unlimited Income Potential for you and for those you share it with.
3. Unlimited Market. The information we teach is designed to help the
masses. (The number of potential clients is virtually unlimited.)
4. No large upfront investment.
5. We have created the products, services and programs.
6. We deliver the products, services and programs.
7. We are continuously adding content to Our Master Training Center and
constantly improving the entire program.
8. We take care of the billing and accounting.

9. You can earn while you learn.
10. You can build a residual income.
11. We have built landing pages and other marketing tools for you.
12. Take advantage of our follow up campaigns. These campaigns will be
working for you and you just need to add interested people to the
13. We teach you what to do and how to share our programs.
14. Eliminate many traditional business and marketing fees like: URL
registration, website development, website hosting, website maintenance,
marketing material development, accounting, customer service personnel,
technical support fees, CRM fees etc.

Very Easy to Get Started!

Easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

1. Take advantage of our Affiliate Program! As a Client, you can take advantage of our Incredibly Lucrative Compensation Plan.
2. Send out your unique partner links to anyone you choose to!
3. When they become a Client, YOU GET PAID!

When YOU Succeed! – EVERYONE Wins!

We Will Train You!

You will gain access to our Affiliate Program Portal. This is where you will see your unique Affiliate links, marketing tools and where you’ll track your commissions.
You can take advantage of trainings giving you specific instructions showing you how to best use your links and the other marketing tools we provide to you.
You will also be invited to attend LIVE trainings where we will be sharing some of the best practices available to share this program with others.


To receive your Lifetime Referral Fees and Lifetime Override, you must
meet the following requirements.

1. You are an active Coaching Client.
2. You must have a current W-9 on file.
3. You have registered as an Affiliate in our Affiliate Program.
4. Your contact information is correct, and your payments are current.

Watch a recording of our Webinar and learn how you too can make a lot of money by helping others!


NOTE: If a Client’s payment is delinquent more than 30 days, they are considered inactive and any Affiliate Referral Fees or Overrides will be discontinued. If the Affiliate becomes an active Client again any NEW Client Referral Fees or Overrides earned will be paid moving forward.