Earn as you learn!

Peak Performance Group Coaching

If you understand the value of coaching and training, you desire the camaraderie and support of your peers and you want to connect to other awesome success minded individuals, Peak Performance Small Group Coaching is for you.

Included in the Peak Performance Small Group Coaching Program

  • Master Training Center (Full Access)
  • Weekly live webinar with your group.
  • Get your specific questions answered. (Don’t leave any stone unturned.)
  • Personalize the training for your individual need.
  • Learn from others’ on the webinar. (Sometimes we don’t know what we
    don’t know.)
  • Peer Accountability.


“This program is wonderful. It’s helpful and motivating. I’ve learned to have a positive attitude, to smile everyday, to keep working hard and set some goals and write down my vision.”

-M Gomes

“I’ve learned to keep swimming and how to overcome my fears. I plan on reading my vision statement 3 times a day and speaking it out loud to combat the negative. This program is excellent.”

-B Burns

ONLY $1,200/yr or $129/mo

Ask yourself if you……
  • are ready to produce a greater income
  • aren’t certain about the right next steps
  • need accountability to get things done
  • wish to develop an action plan – a blueprint for success
  • want to learn more about how social media and other technology can help
    your business
  • are looking for camaraderie and support
  • miss the company of peers and want to connect to other awesome
    business people
  • are ready to manage and control your business and keep it from
    controlling you.
  • are ready to manage and control yourself.
  • want to get clear on your niche (or niches) – Who are your clients? Who
    do you serve? A clear niche is a direct path to profits


  • understand how to leverage social media, search engine optimization, and
    pay per click to bring customers and clients to your site.
  • want to identify opportunities for collaboration and partnerships with other
    business owners to increase visibility and sales.
  • want to develop your marketing strategy and budget.
  • want to develop a concrete action plan for each level of success.
  • are ready to overcome your internals barriers to success.
  • need to create life and business visions and goals that matches your
    values and supports your dreams.
  • are ready to break through the limiting beliefs about you and your
    business. What’s stopping you from becoming your best?
  • are ready to explore your unique strengths and abilities as a
    businessperson, identifying areas for leverage and competitive advantage.
  • desire to create focus, increase productivity, and delegate-even on the
    tightest budget.

SUPER BONUSENHANCED Referral Partner Benefits!!

You will receive an 8% LIFETIME Referral Fee for any ESG or G&F Products or Services that your referral uses.

You will receive an additional 7% off any Products or Services that ESG or G&F offers for your personal businesses.