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Mentorship is the Answer


As you’ve might have realized, the answer to attaining your goals isn’t working harder or longer hours. If that worked, you would have already achieved your goals. The answer is mentorship, which helps you forge a healthy balance between business/career and family – while working less in most cases. How do we accomplish this?

We accomplish this through new strategies and new tactics. It’s not about information alone. If that were the case, then the business books you’ve read would have worked by now. The issue is about applying the right information, in the right order, with guidance at every key step from an expert.

No matter how successful you are, you don’t know what you don’t know. That’s why it takes an experienced mentor to help you move from point A to point B. What’s gotten you here, won’t get you there.

You might be wondering how we mentor our clients. Each client we work with receives customized coaching and training. After a thorough series of diagnostic conversations, your mentor will help you in key areas, such as: 


Time Management

Organizational Structure

Hiring team members or outsourcing

CRM development strategies

Marketing strategies and plans

Analyzing & breaking through Internal Roadblocks


Proper Entity Structure

Proper Financial Reporting & Structure

Developing Communication Skills

Leadership Skills

Selling Skills

The Expect Success Difference

Do you dream of the day when your career or business finally takes off like a rocket? Perhaps you’ve achieved success but you still want to double your income and build your net worth. The road to success is narrow, with many surprises. The fact you’re reading this shows you’re one of the special few who are determined to win in life. Our team of professionals helps our clients take this same journey. We’ve built many successful companies. We mentor people such as yourself in how to overcome those frustrating, anxiety-provoking problems that are holding you back. Our coaching programs help you bypass pitfalls, and resolve obstacles, and gives you a light year jump towards doubling, tripling, or more your income.

Our Raving Fans

I can hardly express what it means to me for all the help you have given me in my personal growth.…. My mind goes back to when we first started talking and I realize that I am not the same person I was then. I never would have dreamed that I would be able to run a successful business with 20 employees and still have true Peace….. I now understand that our organization will not go higher than I am willing to grow myself.

Kenneth Miller

Owner Classic Building Sales

I am so impressed with the quality of the training and coaching that is offered for both business and personal development…. I’ve expanded and become much more successful operationally and financially in my investing and business ventures. This really works!

Puff Darlin

It’s ironic, but fear often keeps people from reaching their goals, and fear is also what keeps people from starting the coaching…. Every person I have sent to Steve, who has had the faith to step over the initial fear, has absolutely seen improvements….. I run my business like a business now and I just received an award for being number eight in total sales volume out of over four hundred agents and teams. Thanks!

Deanna Talbot

Coldwell Banker Legacy, Albuquerque

Based on over 20 Years of Proven Results

Our results speak for themselves as we have an innumerable number of delighted clients whose careers and businesses have seen meteoric success and 180 degree turn-arounds almost overnight. We’d love to help you achieve your goals too. Imagine all of the help you’ll receive during the next 12 months! No more confusion. No more frustration. No more missed targets.

Internal and External Approach

Aside from providing you time-proven tips, techniques, and formulas that are easily worth thousands of dollars in consulting fees, we go deeper to help you maximize your potential.

Even with an arsenal of business and career know-how, success may still elude you. That’s often because of an unconscious negative mindset and bad internal programming that’s sabotaging you. You’d be surprised by the beliefs, habits, and ideas that many people hold, that have held them back for years. We help you de-program those ideas and reset your mind with a success mindset that truly works.

This is not “life coaching fluff.” Our hundreds of testimonials from clients with deeper pockets as a result of our assistance confirms the efficacy of our techniques. Your mentor will listen very carefully in order to completely understand you. Only then, will we offer new strategies and tactics.

So you’re not only getting personalized business coaching and at times we are playing the unique role of consultant and you’re also reaping the benefits of performance psychology.