Julie Sies


With over 40 years of experience, Julie has served as a leader in private, public, ministry, and non-profit entities in various capacities ranging from ministry volunteer leader to VP. Julie earned an MBA in Leadership from George Fox University in 2010, is a certified Transformational Leadership Trainer, an ACC certified ICF Coach, and a certified Core Values Index Assessment Facilitator. She provides strategic thinking, and team development in a collaborative and inclusive environment. In 2012, Julie entered an entrepreneurial phase of her career by establishing and running a successful coaching and training company and real estate management firm. Throughout her career she has been a catalyst for growth and change, always building teams, programs, and processes to expand their reach. She is a life-long learner and brings her knowledge and expertise to every coaching engagement.

Julie is passionate about helping individuals and organizations create and sustain highly profitable, people-honoring businesses. Using Transformational Leadership training and Solution Focused coaching, she works with organizations to develop a common language for dealing with conflicts and complex issues to maximize results, creating a culture of mutual respect and accountability. As an accredited personal and professional development coach, Julie works with leaders individually and in organizations to strategically move past constraints to fulfillment and prosperity.