Private & Executive Business Coaching

Special Beta Program Pricing

Private Coaching: (one year program)

By participating in the Private Coaching Beta Program, you will receive Private Coaching at a discounted rate, in return for the following.

Once you are gaining momentum and moving forward towards your goals, you agree to:

  1. Give Expect Success Global a total of 4 referrals of business owners, executives or sales professionals that we can contact to schedule a time to talk about our programs or services. (We ask you to let them know we will be contacting them and encourage them to schedule a time with us to talk.)
  2. Let us interview you on a Zoom and record the meeting. You will have the right to review your testimonial(s) or video(s) before we use them for promotional purposes.
  3. You agree to send the testimonial(s) to your Social Media Connections, via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or any other Social Media platform in which you are an active user.