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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is foundational to any complete online marketing program. SEO is one of the most effective ways to get your company found online. By increasing your web presence you will attract new customers and grow your business. Our SEO Services are affordable are designed to place your business in the right place, which is in front of your ideal new customer.

SEO is Critical to Your Company's Success!

Take a look at the statistics:


  • Over 95% of customers research using Search Engines before buying a product or service
  • Over 90% of customers contact a business immediately after searching online
  • Over 90% of search engine traffic comes from page 1 listings

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SEO is Dynamic

Search engine optimization is a dynamic, continuously changing process. Google and other search engines update their algorithms hundreds of times per year. They don't announce these changes and sometimes, they throw some pretty big curve balls. Let our SEO Team stay on top of this critical aspect of your online marketing for you.

We have programs for every company or organization. Our clients range from small one-man shops  to multi-million dollar companies. We work with your budget and focus on your goals, not ours. We take every client's success serious. We become intimately involved in our clients’ successes. We treat your business success and growth as if its our own. We know how important it is for you to see a measurable return on your investment (ROI). Your SEO campaign must deliver rankings that result in continous growth.

We are constantly improving our SEO efforts to ensure that our clients get the absolute best results possible.

Here’s an overview of some of the things we do:

Website Analysis

We examine your website like search engines do to identify any issues that will or are hindering your performance. We look for and find specific items needed to improve like your keyword density, your links, your meta tags and all other elements which influence your natural SEO.

Keyword Research

The proper keyword selection is required for successful SEO. It’s critical to your business’s success. The keywords you choose will determine how your website is ranked. The keywords you rank for will determine the number and quality of visitors that visit your website. We work with you directly to create a complete keyword list and strategy. We research and determine the best keywords for traffic, conversions, and growth.

Content Development

Your website needs a complete content development strategy. The content on your website must contain the proper keywords associated with your company’s products and services. You need unique, exclusive content on your pages. You also need frequent updates to provide new information and freshness.

Onsite Optimization

Onsite optimization includes title tags, alt tags, alt texts and descriptions. This guides crawlers around your site. It also helps determine your site’s value in the eyes of search engines. After the proper keyword selection for the appropriate pages on your site, we will construct search engine friendly HTML code that search engine crawlers read to determine the ranking of your site for every search result.

Offsite Promotion

Offsite promotion will increase the value, relevancy and popularity of your site and it helps get you ranked higher in search engines. Offsite promotion will get the search engine crawlers’ attention and it will bring them to your site more often.

Advanced Link Building Strategy

One of the biggest challenges website owners have is increasing the domain authority of their websites. Google, Yahoo, and Bing don't make this easy. It requires a variety of link building sources from highly trusted sites before they assign any sort of trust to a website. We use a very effective, white hat link building strategy that leverages trusted sources to gain the website authority that you need. The proper link building strategy is critical in getting your site ranked.

SEO Tracking and Reporting

Tracking your website SEO results is vital to continuous progress. Every month you will receive SERP Ranking Reports, Competition SERP Ranking Reports, Traffic Report, and Suggestions to boost your rankings. You will know what is happening with your website and be part of developing the continuous strategy for improvement.

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