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Success Accelerator Profile

Expect Success coaches use proven method for success, HOWEVER the way a coach applies these methods within a coaching program can be as unique as the client themselves. So how does a coach know how to customize a program appropriately?

It begins with our exclusive Success Accelerator Profile.

This powerful tool is an objective lens clearly viewing yourself and the current circumstances of your life. For most this is quite an eye opener.

Steve Thornton developed the Success Accelerator Profile to do several things.

  1. To give our clients a way to know themselves objectively and face their circumstances. As humans we tend to ignore what could be a painful awareness. Acknowledging who you are, how you have come to where you are, what it is you desire and then committing to achieving it is a very empowering fresh step as you begin coaching.
  2. To take a current measure of the various aspects of your business, finances, and personal life to be able to measure future progress, growth, and successes.
  3. To tell your coach what needs help first and what can wait. Fulfilling your life’s vision is like putting together a puzzle, piece by piece. Depending on who you are and what your current circumstances may be, you may add different pieces or in a different order than someone else building their masterpiece vision puzzle. The Profile gives us many of the puzzle pieces, and helps your coach determine a coaching path that is best you to begin upon.
  4. Now that your coach knows WHAT to work on and in what order, the Success Accelerator Profile also tells your coach HOW to work with you. The Success Accelerator Profile reveals a lot about who you are, your learning preferences, working styles, how you relate to people and things, your natural inclinations, what you value, your ideals, strengths, weaknesses, objectives, and so much more. This is all very valuable information for your coach to know the best way to facilitate the coaching process with you.

The Success Accelerator Profile is a survey or questionnaire you answer about yourself.

Some of the aspects the profile evaluates include:

  1. Determining your current satisfaction level regarding areas of your life, such as: Finances, Family Life, Physical Health, Spiritual health, Relationships, and Emotional Health.
  2. Rating yourself on very specific activities occurring in your life in the areas of:
    • Professional life
    • Sales skills
    • Marketing
    • Personal life
    • Finances
  3. Answering essay type questions regarding your thoughts and how you feel about the above topics.
  4. Prioritizing the value you place on the topics being evaluated.
  5. Determining what you want coaching to do for you in these questioned areas, how soon do you want to see these changes, and in what priority.

Our coaches carefully review and analyze the information you provide. Upon your first coaching session your coach will go over your profile with you revealing valuable insights to shaping your unique coaching and action path. Yes, unique. Remember, the goal of the Success Accelerator Profile is NOT to evaluate you so we can “categorize” you or put you in a box, but rather to highlight your individuality, so we can work with your natural strengths, preferences, and tendencies in order to untap your full potential for success.

How and when do you complete your profile?

Upon enrolling in one of the Expect Success Coaching Programs, A Success Accelerator Profile is emailed to you as part of your complete Expect Success Coaching Welcome Packet. Answer the questions honestly and thoroughly, and email or fax it back to us. We will review your information and assign the coach we feel can assist you best. Upon your first coaching session, your coach will go over your profile with you and share his or her thoughts regarding the path for you to begin. In many ways the Profile will act as a your compass along your journey.

“I am so thankful for the opportunities I have had to make changes in myself that I wouldn’t have recognized were needed without the assistance of a coach. The aspect of accountability has caused real progress as it relates to getting our Vision down and the goals associated with it. I am happy to recommend Steve and his coaches to others.” – D. Gerhard

“Looking back I realize that thinking I had all the information actually held me back and prevented me from getting the help I really needed. Information alone could never give me the outside perspective and the accountability to follow through that my coach gives me. Coaching was certainly me missing link to connect the information to the action to get the results I knew I could achieve.” – V. Jenkins