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What makes our training different than other programs?

In a word, RESULTS! Expect Success Global deals with your individual needs. Our preparation before the program makes all the difference. This is not just a canned training. We have the experience to modify the program to focus on the most critical information for positive results. Many other programs are generic and hard to implement.



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We have managers and/or trainers on staff that provide our training. How is this different?

Many times, the people within your organization may have heard much of the same information from your training staff.  Expect Success Coaching & Training has been blessed with the ability to relate with and motivate individuals from entry-level positions to top-level executives.

One of the main focuses in all programs is implementation (putting the information to use). “The out of town expert” sometimes reinforces the information your staff has already heard in a different way, motivating them to put the information to use.

What makes Expect Success’ Training different from other training programs?”

We deal with the internal and external causes for success.

Many coaching and training programs only focus on the external aspects (setting goals, time management, techniques, strategies, accountability, etc.), basically the SKILLS. Many of our programs focus on developing skills. Without great skills you will never reach your maximum potential.

While the external aspects (Skills) are a major part of many of our programs, and very important, we also focus on the internal causes for success and failure (attitude, faith, belief, expectations, fears, procrastination, stress, etc.). We focus on the individual’s causes for success or failure. This is one of the greatest reasons for our incredible success in both or coaching and training programs.

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