Trevor Erion

Business Coach/Trainer

Trevor is a Business Coach with Expect Success Global, helping numerous business owners and real estate agents/brokers take their own business to the next level. He is also a licensed Principal Broker/REALTOR® leading Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices as their Sales Leader and Recruiter. He has been licensed since 2003. 

Trevor owned an independent real estate brokerage for ten years (2009-2019). Over his tenure in real estate, he has become an expert in negotiations, sales training, recruiting, and coaching, helping individual business owners and real estate teams to reach higher than they could have initially imagined.

Trevor is passionate about helping people break down barriers and coaching them to reach their God-given potential. With firsthand experience in both business ownership and sales management, Trevor has recruited, interviewed, and coached well over 118 (and counting) sales professionals during his two-plus decade career in business. He is an expert in buying, selling, and management behavior, and also understands how to adapt to the way people want to communicate. 

When I first signed up for coaching sessions with Expect Success my sole focus was on trying to learn how I could grow my business.  Over the course of the 12 months I worked with Trevor not only did I learn ways to modify my prospecting to attract more clients, I also learned a great deal about how to be a better person.  I can confidently say that at the end of my time with Trevor I am a better person, father, husband, and financial advisor. I can now say with confidence that these lessons in personal development where far more valuable to me than any advice I received about how to prospect better, and I am truly grateful for this gift that I was given during my time working with Trevor.

Aaron Buczek