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What To Expect From Coaching

You can expect to be enlightened, challenged, and enriched to say the least, but ultimately you can expect RESULTS. We are very serious and passionate about the success of our clients and are absolutely COMMITTED to creating amazing changes in their businesses and lives. Our team of coaches have facilitated over 8000 seminars, workshops, and coaching sessions, and have led several client’s businesses in reaching national and international acclaim using the same coaching methods you will experience in our programs.


“The coaching I’ve gotten with Expect Success gets at the heart of what it takes to make me successful.” K. Nickerson

“I was always a positive thinker, but my coach gave me new ways to think and see things. I have just received an award for a 567% increase in my business, of which I attribute to the Expect Success Coaching & Training program.” B. Osoff

“I am so thankful for the opportunities I have had to make changes in myself that I wouldn’t have recognized were needed without the assistance of a coach. The aspect of accountability has caused real progress as it relates to getting our Vision down and the goals associated with it. I am happy to recommend Steve and his coaches to others.” D. Gerhard