Who We Are

Expect Success Global provides world class Coaching and Training services that get RESULTS.  We are committed to excellence and integrity and we sincerely care about the success of every client.

We partner with small business owners, sales professionals and executives to achieve the highest level of success in their businesses and careers. Our team of coaches and trainers have extensive business experience and can step into our clients’ world and quickly become a trusted advisor or team member.

Our Coaches & Trainers

World Class

Our coaches and trainers have a tremendous amount of personal experience in business, sales and marketing and they love helping our clients breakthrough to the next level.

They can step into our clients’ world and become a trusted adviser very quickly.

We are very selective in hiring our coaches. Not every potential candidate has the real-world business, sales or marketing experience necessary to coach for Expect Success. We have strict requirements for our coaches.

In a nutshell; our Coaches are dedicated to assisting our Clients achieve positive measurable results.


We Are Experts

  • Analyzing & Breaking Through Internal Roadblocks
  • Coaching & Training Services
  • CRM Development Strategies
  • Developing Communication Skills
  • Digital Marketing Strategies & Development
  • Hiring Team Members or Outsourcing
  • Leadership Skills
  • Marketing Strategies and Plans
  • Organization
  • Organizational Structure
  • Proper Entity Structure
  • Proper Financial Reporting & Structure
  • Selling Skills
  • Time Management

Our Vision & Mission

On Point

Our vision and mission is to consistently help Every Client Succeed. We are committed to the following:

  • World Class Coaching and Training Services
  • World Class Customer Support
  • Positive and measurable Results for every Client
  • Helping every Client reach their business and marketing objectives
  • Becoming a trusted resource to each Client
  • Maintaining a positive and satisfying work environment for our staff
  • Continuous growth personally and professionally

About our CEO

Steve Thornton

Steve Thornton is the CEO of Expect Success Global.

As CEO of Expect Global, Steve demonstrates a daily passion for helping others achieve the success they truly desire.  Steve co-founded Expect Success Global with the sole purpose of helping others achieve their dreams. 

Many of Steve’s Coaching Clients have experienced phenomenal success and growth in their respective fields while working with Steve. Business growth of as much as 400% or more is not at all uncommon among Steve’s clients.

With over 10,000 paid personal coaching sessions under his belt, Steve has developed the reputation as America’s break-through Coach, and has gained the respect and admiration of thousands of Executives, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Sales Professionals.

Here a few accomplishments Steve has experienced in addition to co-founding Expect Success Global:  As owner and co-founder, Steve led a Manufacturing company to become one of the top few in the entire world in their niche.  He has also led a Digital Marketing company to great success helping their clients creative a great online presence that produces a substantial and measurable ROI. (MORE CUSTOMERS)

Steve became the number one distributor in the U.S. in another venture!  Steve and his wife have also owned and operated a highly successful Real Estate Investment company.