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Coaching Overview

Enrolling in coaching is choosing to make a difference in your life – a big difference! It is quite common for our clients to double and triple their incomes. Making more money is not the only goal however, our clients achieve more balance in their lives, enhance their relationships, and ultimately begin truly living.

So how is all this possible? Our “Breakthrough Coaching Method” addresses the external AND internal causes for success. Many coaching programs only focus on external aspects like goal setting, time management, and sales techniques. While the external aspects are an important part of our program as well, we also focus on the internal causes for success and failure, such as attitude, faith, belief, expectations, fears, procrastination, and stress.

It is critical that our coaches pinpoint these internal barriers keeping one from the success they desire and assist them in breaking through. This is one of the greatest reasons for our incredible success when coaching our clients.

I have more than doubled my income. I’m working less hours so I am taking more time for myself and my family.” – A. Tanner

“I just wanted you to know how working with you as my personal coach has greatly affected my life and business. I really believe that in a world where most people accept mediocre as the norm, you have shown me that excellence is my only desire. You truly are an answer to my prayers! I now approach each day with a plan and I take action, instead of just reacting to my environment. I don’t have fear about the unknown and believe that I am a success. I now approach top producers with confidence and set appointments with ease.” – H. Mirto