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Success Stories

“Your program was well thought out, and well executed. Too many training programs teach only theory. You demonstrated how to put that theory to work.” Michael Probstein, Former VP of Sales for Motorola, Communications Division

“I want to thank you for making such a difference in my life through your coaching. Prior to signing up for coaching, I had earned a total of $8,000 annual commission. At that time I was disheartened and at a crossroads with my career; at the very least I worried that I could not afford monthly coaching. In retrospect I find this very humorous as I now know I could not have afforded not to have you coach me. In less than a year, that is my average monthly commission check and this month I will earn over $14,000.

“While I am ever so grateful for the financial difference your coaching has made in my life, the interpersonal benefits are even greater. You are so committed to your clients and have cared about every aspect of my life.” Marisa Del Rio, Coldwell Banker

“One of the things Steve does is he takes an enormous wealth of knowledge and condenses it down into a format you can receive in a very short period of time. If you want true freedom, if you want to experience success on a true break through level, have doors open up, and you want to see how you can do that... Expect Success will give you that ability” Shawn Healy, Owner of its Time Solutions, Publisher of The Summit & The Christian Directory

“I was always a positive thinker, but my coach gave me new ways to think and see things. I have just received an award for a 567% increase in my business, of which I attribute to the Expect Success Coaching & Training program.” B. Osoff

“This is a great course. I would recommend it to anyone who is in sales and marketing. Steve has helped me tremendously in my organizational skills, personal skills and he has helped me increase my bottom line and get more clients. Again, I would recommend this course to anyone.” C. Lewis

“It’s ironic, but fear often keeps people from reaching their goals, and fear is also what keeps people from starting the coaching they need so they can dissolve that fear. Every person I have sent to Steve, who has had the faith to step over the initial fear, has absolutely seen improvements.” D. Talbot

“I am so thankful for the opportunities I have had to make changes in myself that I wouldn’t have recognized were needed without the assistance of a coach. The aspect of accountability has caused real progress as it relates to getting our Vision down and the goals associated with it. I am happy to recommend Steve and his coaches to others.” D. Gerhard

“I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all you've done for me over the past six months. I have to admit, when we first started, I was skeptical about how effective it would be. It truly amazed me to see how fast things in my business started changing! I have been with you for six months now, and I still look back with wonderment. I honestly think everyone should have a success coach, no matter how long they have been in the business.” E. Roberg

“I have more than doubled my income. I’m working less hours so I am taking more time for myself and my family.” A. Tanner

“I just wanted you to know how working with you as my personal coach has greatly affected my life and business. I really believe that in a world where most people accept mediocre as the norm, you have shown me that excellence is my only desire. You truly are an answer to my prayers! I now approach each day with a plan and I take action, instead of just reacting to my environment. I don't have fear about the unknown and believe that I am a success. I now approach top producers with confidence and set appointments with ease.” H. Mirto

“You not only helped me with my business, you have also helped with other aspects of my life that have come up. I believe our personal lives can definitely affect our business. Again, thanks for the help, I really appreciate it. I would recommend Expect Success Coaching & Training to anyone who is serious about building his or her business.” J. Gurski

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“I can see and feel the difference everyday. It’s hard to describe, but the way I feel about things has changed, and I believe I’m actually thinking better. My pipeline is full more consistently, and my finances are improving.” J. Mueller

“The coaching I’ve gotten with Expect Success gets at the heart of what it takes to make me successful.” K. Nickerson

“To embrace a coaching program that was not industry specific was a real change for me, but now that I have come to the end of my greatest year in the hardest economy, I will go on with year number four with my coach.” M. Manthei

“When I was introduced to Steve... I had been in the business of Real Estate for about 14 months. At the time I had sold two houses and I had just received my first listing... I was at a point in my career I thought I was going to have to choose to get into something else where I had a salaried position... I didn't feel like I had the money to spend on coaching but I took a giant leap of faith and decided to sign on with Steve. In my first full year with Steve I sold 4.5 million dollars in Real Estate and my business is booming even bigger and better this year... I truly believe without Steve I wouldn't be where I am today.” P. Ruggeroli

“Doing coaching with Expect Success has been the best decision I ever made. I watch every penny, and I'm always worried about what I'm spending, so I was reluctant to invest the money in coaching. (Since coaching), I took my volume from four million to six million. If you are thinking about coaching I would definitely advise it.” M. Kastor

“Since we have started the coaching sessions, my business has tripled. I would recommend Expect Success to anybody that is looking for outside visions into their ways of doing business.” R. Walraven

“Looking back I realize that thinking I had all the information actually held me back and prevented me from getting the help I really needed. Information alone could never give me the outside perspective and the accountability to follow through that my coach gives me. Coaching was certainly me missing link to connect the information to the action to get the results I knew I could achieve.” V. Jenkins

“I respect and trust Steve Thornton as a speaker and motivator, and highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for someone to light a fire in her or himself or their team, and to keep the fire burning until success is attained.” M. Welch

“Since the seminar, we have had many clients and potential clients thank us for bringing you to town. We have already established several new relationships as a result of the program and we expect many more. I would recommend Expect Success to anyone as a good investment. Thanks again!” O. Lee

“I just wanted to thank you for such an outstanding program. I loved your approach. The feedback from the program was great. I would definitely recommend you to anyone. Thanks again!” R. Musat

“When I agreed to sponsor the Expect Success Workshop based on the testimonial of one mutual acquaintance, I made a great decision. I am always apprehensive in regards to introducing my customer base to a new “Speaker” as I feel that it is ultimately a reflection on me.

“For anyone considering sponsoring these workshops, I assure you that not all training programs are the same and this one has great integrity.

“I not only have empowered my customers with new motivation and direction, I look like the hero for bringing them the opportunity. I look forward to the next time this workshop comes our way and will do what I can to not only support and sponsor but to also motivate people to attend.” L. Burns

“This program is great! I have learned how to get more out of myself by getting referrals and planning. I will use what I've learned today to get my home office in order, filing, cleaning off my desk, and establishing rapport with people.” K. Washington

“This program gave me a kick in the pants and enhanced what I already know.” H. Pratt

“I would recommend this program to anyone who can't seem to connect, and if there is something missing in their life that makes them hold back and not be able to get to the success they want to enjoy...” F. Rassey

“I would recommend conferences presented by Expect Success Coaching and Training for individuals who would like to live a more positive and motivational life and increase the amount of success in their careers.” K. Chelten

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