Small Group Coaching Programs

If you understand the value of coaching and training, you desire the camaraderie and support of your peers, you want to connect to other awesome success minded individuals and you prefer community and group settings over a private setting, our Small Group Coaching Program is for you.

Benefits of our Group Coaching Program: (8 – 12 members per group.)

  • Increase your commitment to your goals without the intensity of private coaching.
  • Collaboration and community.
  • Have other people to cheer you on and to celebrate with.
  • Less expensive than Private Coaching.
  • Group Problem solving.
  • Group accountability for actions.
  • Team building.
  • Weekly live webinar with your small group.
  • Learn from others on the webinar. (Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know.)
  • Have your specific questions answered. (Don’t leave any stone unturned.)

This program also includes one full year access to the Master Coaching Program.

This Small Group Coaching Program is designed to help you achieve your desired income, ideal career path, and desired lifestyle. This program is for people who prefer a group setting over a private one.

NOTE:  Not only will you experience all the benefits from our Small Group Coaching Program, you can also participate in the LIVE Master Coaching Program Webinars and listen to any of the training material located in the Master Training Center.

Here are the additional Large Group Coaching benefits you’ll receive as a Private Coaching Client:

  • Two LIVE group webinars a month. (We also record them in case you can’t make it live.)
  • 24/7 Full Access to the Master Training Center.
  • Get your specific questions answered. (Don’t leave any stone unturned.)
  • Personalize the coaching and training for your individual need. (Focus on the coaching and training You need when You need it.)
  • Learn from others on the webinar. (Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know.)
  • Ability to EARN AS YOU LEARN! (Earn up to 25% for all your referrals. This can be huge.)

View all the benefits of Large Group Coaching!

Experience this program for yourself RISK FREE!

We are so confident you will love this program you can start RISK FREE! If you don’t find the program or content priceless or you want to cancel for any reason, simply contact us anytime within 30 days and we will refund 100% of your money!


“I would recommend this program to anyone who can’t seem to connect and there is something missing in their life that makes them hold back and not be able to get to the success they want to enjoy… Steve is very good at what he does. He knows how to get to the problem. He knows how to peel that onion and get to the problem.” 

-F Rassey

“I enjoyed the program very much! Steve knew the material well, he was passionate. I had fun. He wants to be with us and it showed. Thanks.” 

-B Cook

“I can see and feel the difference everyday. It’s hard to describe, but the way I feel about things has changed, and I believe I’m actually thinking better. My pipeline is full more consistently, and my finances are improving.”

-J E Mueller

“So informative and motivating. I feel ready to build relationships and ready to build my business.” 

-H Lovejoy

This content has helped countless professionals go to the next level for over 19 years!